Unique beach in Maldives with stars in the sky & the sea

Bioluminiscent beach that glows at night
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Unique beach in Maldives with stars in the sky & the sea

Those into fantasies will be reminded of magical pixie dust emitted by fairies in movies (Photo: Twitter VisitMaldives)

Though there are numerous bioluminescent beaches around the world, the one that stands out amongst them all is the beach in Mudhdhoo island of the Maldives, that has attracted many visitors for its magical sights.
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Those familiar with the phrase ‘sea of stars’ will be thrilled to find that it really does exist. Welcome to the unique beach on Mudhdhoo island, also known as Vadhoo island, in Maldives.

To witness the phenomenon, one has to visit the beach at night, most preferably during a new moon. When the sun goes down, the shoreline starts to get slowly illuminated with millions of little dots of lights, making it look like if there were thousands of stars glittering in the sea.

The view is magical and leaves visitors mystified and bewildered with its otherworldly sight. Those who like fantasies may be reminded of magical pixie dust emitted famously by fairies in movies and picture books. It feels as if the waves washing ashore are sprinkled with it and it would not be long when one could just grab a handful of it. The only difference is that, instead of the usual golden glow of dust that the fairies emits, the one ashore the beach is ladened with bright blue glowing neon dots.

One can take a dip in the water and be taken aback as the twinkling dots are not just in the sea but also on the body. If one walks along the beach, the footprints left in the sand are illuminated in the dark night, only to be washed away by the gentle surges of water from the sea.

The science behind the occurrence of such a phenomenon is the vast number of microorganisms called phytoplankton or plankton living in the sea. The aquatic microbes are bioluminescent in nature and radiate a vibrant blue light under sea, leading to the famous glittering effect.

Though the phenomenon can occur anytime of the year, it is not a regular occurrence and one has to be very lucky to view one. The best time to visit is from February to July as according to many visitors it was during this time that many of them had the fortune to view the blue glow under the darkness of the new moon.

Mudhdhoo island is a part of the Raa Atoll in the Maldives with a small population of under 500 persons. To reach the place, one should book ferries or speedboats available at Male, the capital of Maldives. The island is 8 km away from Male and it takes about only 15 minutes to reach the place.

Those who wish to capture photographs of this spectacular phenomenon must remember that a mobile phone camera, however, advanced cannot capture the image. It takes numerous special arrangements to be able to take photographs of the phenomenon.

Also, even those who do not get to see the bioluminescence in the sea, can still thoroughly enjoy the spectacular view of the picturesque beach and the island itself.

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