Singapore Tourism Board collaborates with Tripoto for new web-series

Singapore highly preferred by solo female travellers, says STB
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Vidushi Kaul in On My Own in Singapore
Singapore Tourism Board collaborates with Tripoto for new web-series

A female protagonist embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery in Singapore

In a first of its kind venture, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has joined hands with travel experience platform Tripoto, for the launch of a new web-series “On My Own in Singapore”.
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To break misconceptions about solo women travellers, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in collaboration with online travel experience firm Tripoto has launched its first ever mini webseries On My Own in Singapore.

In a press statement, STB says that this is the first of its kind web-series co-produced by a national tourism board and a travel platform, explores a young female traveller’s journey in Singapore. A female protagonist embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery in the six-episode web series, with the vibrant backdrop of Singapore.

STB organised a launch event for the webseries in New Delhi recently in the presence of the lead actor Vidushi Kaul, who shared anecdotes from her experience filming in Singapore and her own personal discoveries on the glittering city-state. On My Own in Singapore adopts a brief and crisp format in a light, and heartwarming story, says STB, adding that the series explores the reflective thoughts of Marzia, a 29-year-old who travels alone to Singapore trip for a bachelorette. Spoofed by her friends into making the solo trip, she discovers many surprises in Singapore on her own that reconnect with her inner self. The show is directed by Shreeya Tiwari, who has been associated with other critically-acclaimed projects such as Josef in Exile and An Anarchy of Existence.

GB Srithar

GB Srithar

“Singapore has traditionally been best known as a prime travel destination for Indian families and groups. Increasingly, we are also observing more and more female travellers empowered to travel to seek out their adventures and self-discoveries in Singapore, to experience who they are and fulfil their passions. Singapore’s range of experiential offerings to young millennials perfectly caters to these solo female travellers. With Singapore’s exceptional track record for women’s safety, such travellers often share that they are uniquely able to travel freely on their own terms, be inspired by the diminutive city- state’s boundary-breaking spirit, and ultimately find true purpose in their journey,” says G B Srithar, Regional Director for India, Middle East, South Asia & Africa, Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Anirudh Gupta

Anirudh Gupta

“At Tripoto, our endeavour has been to curate custom made travel plans for people based on their passions. When it comes to women travelling solo, they typically opt for destinations that offer a blend of relaxation, adventure, shopping and party. This entertainment format of the web-series is our innovative way of reaching out to this segment of female travellers, and Singapore serves as the perfect setting to tell the story of empowerment in everyday heroines like Marzia,” says Anirudh Gupta, Founder & CEO of Tripoto.

STB says that according to a survey by Tripoto of young working professionals from Indian metropolises Singapore is highly preferred among middle-aged and younger travellers, including solo female nomads, who want to create daring and memorable experiences for themselves. Singapore is among the three most popular destinations for cruises and nightlife.

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