Mystifly & Google Cloud collaborate to leverage travel technology

Navigating key challenges in airline infrastructure
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Mystifly & Google Cloud collaborate
Mystifly & Google Cloud collaborate to leverage travel technology

Mystifly aims harness Google Cloud technological power to will leverage the strengths of both organisations in three key areas

Powered by Google Cloud's suite of tools, travel tech firm Mystifly aims to integrate its newly re-architected Smart Selling Platform (SSP) to tackle emerging industry challenges in airline distribution and infrastructure.
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Mystifly, Singapore-based travel technology provider, has joined hands with cloud computing services of Google Cloud in a push to drive growth and innovation in the travel technology sector. 

In a press statement, Mystifly says its partnership with Google Cloud is set to enhance the security, scalability and agility of its air selling technology. It says that the partnership centres around integrating Mystifly’s newly re-architected Smart Selling Platform (SSP) with Google’s cutting-edge cloud services and generative AI capabilities.

This collaboration will enable both the organisations to tackle emerging industry challenges in airline distribution and infrastructure, adds the statement. The partnership envisions shaping air travel’s future by delivering essential capabilities to airlines and travel sellers alike, and elevating the traveller experience.

The statement adds that Google Cloud and Mystifly will leverage the strengths of both organisations in three key areas. 

Firstly, it envisions creating an innovative technology roadmap for the future of travel selling and distribution. This joint effort emphasises on enhancing the experience for airlines, travel sellers, travellers and related intermediaries. The statement adds that as part of the initiative, Mystifly will redesign its user experience (UX Revamp) to improve customer satisfaction and product engagement. Specific improvements include a more user-friendly signup process, user-defined parameters for maximum scalability and cost reduction, enhanced discoverability of features for upsell opportunities, streamlined workflows for customer efficiency and an overall competitive advantage in the market.

The statement adds that Mystifly’s platform infrastructure leverages Google Cloud’s services and advanced security, enabling the company to deliver solutions with agility and flexibility. The adoption of Google Cloud-managed services plays a pivotal role in shaping big data architecture, empowering the company to make more impactful architectural decisions and deliver a Data Mesh platform for business intelligence and analytics. This innovation ensures superior and expeditious analytics, a critical requirement that is lacking in the industry today. Additionally, Mystifly will implement site reliability engineering practices for improved system performance and optimal functionality.

Finally, to ease intelligent and intuitive travel shopping, Mystifly aims to harness the power of Google’s suite of cloud tools, analytics and generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to innovate multiple areas, including search, personalised offer recommendations and dynamic pricing. By introducing an intelligent cache, intelligent help, and an intelligent shop category, Mystifly will deliver more flexibility to travel sellers and provide users with a more intuitive travel, shopping process.

Rajeev kumar

Rajeev kumar

‘‘The travel industry is at a pivotal point as we shift from legacy technology and processes to intelligent systems to power modern retailing and personalised travel experiences. Our partnership with Google Cloud supports Mystifly’s mission to modernise travel infrastructure across the entire ecosystem, delivering solutions that bridge old and new technologies and catering to the discerning needs of travellers and the efficiency of sellers and suppliers,’’ says Rajeev Kumar, Chief Executive Officer at Mystifly.

Bikram Singh Bedi

Bikram Singh Bedi

Mystifly decided to embark upon a complex migration to Google Cloud thanks to what it considered a best-in-class, fully-managed microservices solution that would enable autoscaling and improve the velocity of the services Mystifly provides to customers.

‘‘We are delighted to work with Mystifly to revolutionize travel technology and enhance users’ experiences. This collaboration underscores our joint commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing exceptional experiences for travelers worldwide,’’ adds Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director, Google Cloud, India.

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