Las Vegas imposes fresh curbs on pedestrian pathways

Stopping for selfies or photographs to be penalised
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Las Vegas imposes fresh curbs on pedestrian pathways

Offenders could face fines of up to USD 1,000, six months’ jail time or both

With a view to regulate the heavy pedestrian flow on its streets as well as elevated pedestrian walkways, Las Vegas has imposed bans on stopping for selfies or photographs on walkways.
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With the rush of thousands of tourists mulling about its roads and pedestrian pathways every day, the city of Las Vegas, renowned for its vibrant Strip and bustling Resort Corridor, is cracking down on all activities that disrupt the flow of traffic on the city’s elevated pedestrian walkways. 

According to press reports, stopping for selfies or other photos, or even for other reasons could be penalised with fines or imprisonment.

The reports add that in a unanimous 7-0 vote, the Clark County Commission has approved a new ordinance that prohibits people from, stopping, standing or engaging in an activity that causes another person to stop on Strip pedestrian bridges or near escalators, elevators or stairways connected to the bridges.

Obstructing the flow of traffic on these elevated walkways, the arteries of the Las Vegas Strip, now carries the weight of a misdemeanor violation, for which offenders could face fines of up to USD 1,000, six months’ jail time or both.

Jim Gibson

Jim Gibson

“This is not interpreted to mean that tourists and locals cannot take photos along the Boulevard while on a pedestrian bridge, but rather is intended to maintain the safe and continuous movement of pedestrians on the bridges to ensure pedestrian safety on the bridges,” Clark County officials said in a statement.

Commissioner Jim Gibson emphasised the unique challenges posed by the city’s footbridges, especially during major events drawing large crowds, such as the recent Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix or the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII, which will bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to Sin City. 

“When you get right down to it, the unique nature of these bridges and unique nature of this city and the unique nature of Las Vegas Boulevard, when there can be 100,000 people moving up and down the street at the same time and accessing the bridges and moving along as they do, that becomes really important,” said Gibson.

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