From diamond rings to live snakes found in unclaimed airport baggage in 2023

0.05 pc baggage unclaimed in 2023: Unclaimed Baggage Found Report
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Unclaimed Baggage Found Report 2023
From diamond rings to live snakes found in unclaimed airport baggage in 2023

More than 850 million passengers making the trip in 2023

From precious products like diamond rings and Hermes Birkin bags to peculiar things including live snakes and voodoo boxes, unclaimed baggage at airports last year, says a report Unclaimed Baggage Found Report 2023.
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Ever wondered what gets left behind in travellers’ lost or abandoned luggage? The Unclaimed Baggage Found Report 2023 seems to have some answers, offering a comprehensive overview of the curious, unusual and most valuable items found in the orphaned luggage of air travellers in 2023, providing a time capsule into last year’s travelling trends.

The report says that with more than 850 million passengers making the trip in 2023, some 0.05 pc of their bags did not make the journey with them. 

According to the report that analysed two million items that found their way to the renowned unclaimed baggage, the most common reason why travellers lost their luggage was because there was no identification. The lack of a durable luggage tag with proper contact information was the primary cause of several misplacements.

Notably, the report found that among some of the most expensive unclaimed items in 2023 was a jewellery piece of 14-karat gold diamond ring appraised at USD 37,050. The second most valuable item was French ultra-luxury Birkin bag priced at USD 23,500. Taking up the third most expensive spot is a Cartier Panthere watch. 

Further, the report adds that luxury wears like Louise Vuitton shoes, Givenchy gown, Chanel blazer, men’s Kiton coat, camera, Shure receiver, a Gibson guitar and more were some of the other most expensive items that comprised unclaimed luggage.

Jennifer Kritner

Jennifer Kritner

Among the most frequently found products in 2023 were common everyday items  like  undergarments, shoes and tablets and e-readers. Also common were t-shirts, books, blouses, jeans, headphones, dresses and cellphones.

Of the most fascinating finds of 2023 were two live snakes, a voodoo bag with the person who opened the bag’s name on it and two Hermes Birkin bags.

“These bags are a glimpse into 2023. From the surge in Taylor Swift t-shirts to an array of Nintendo Switch games and Stanley water bottles, each item our team uncovered tells a story of its own,” says Jennifer Kritner, Vice President of Retail and Company Culture at Unclaimed Baggage.

 Bryan Owens

Bryan Owens

“The Found Report underscores the ever-changing preferences and lifestyles of travellers nationwide. Each bag is like a time capsule. Twenty years from now, we can look back at the Found Report and see what people packed in 2023. It is an exciting and curious way to take a snapshot of our culture,” says Bryan Owens, CEO, Unclaimed Baggage.

The report cites that it was a rare instance that the luggage tag was damaged or detached. When a passenger leaves behind luggage, the airport must store it securely. The airport will try to find the luggage’s owner for at least 30 days. If the owner isn’t found, depending on the airport, unclaimed baggage may be donated, auctioned, or burned.

It says that after a 90-day search initiated by airlines to locate the rightful owners or provide compensation, bags land at ‘Unclaimed Baggage,’ for their final disposal.

The report says that even with the airline’s best efforts and most sophisticated baggage tracing technology, mishandled and lost belongings will always exist as a by-product of travel.

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