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One of the highest mountain peaks of Sri Lanka, the conical shaped Adam’s peak is 2,243 metres tall. A sacred pilgrimage for several faiths, it is visited by Hindus, Buddhists as well as Muslim pilgrims. While the Hindus believe them to be the traces of the passage of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu (Hindu deities), the Islamic tradition asserts that it is the first footprint of Adam.


Galle is an architectural marvel where traditional European architecture and Asian traditions join hands. The city oversees the small streets that are home to ancient Dutch houses till date. The old city of Galle has also been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site.


Founded in the 14th century, Kandy shines with its Royal Palace that represents the unique traditional Sri Lankan architecture. Limestone, marble, sculpted wood, terracotta and ivory are amongst the wide range of materials used for the overall construction. Do not miss the superb Botanic Garden here that dates back to 1821.


Sigiriya or Lion Rock is another major archaeological site in Sri Lanka. The impressive city is named after the 180 metres high red stone rock, on which it was built. During his reign, King Kassapa had built sumptuous spaces at the top of the rock, in the 5th century AD, whose remains can still be admired today.


The former Sri Lankan capital, Polonnaruwa is home to numerous monuments, an incredible garden city being one of them. In the city, one can relish the remains of palaces and grandiose temples of the 12th century. Here, one can also admire the Gal Vihariya, a set of three large statues of Buddha carved into a rock wall.


Dambulla is the largest and one of the best-preserved monasteries amongst the cave-temples of Sri Lanka. A haven of unique rural Buddhist paintings covering an area of 2100 square metres here, one can admire the artistic masterpieces of the 18th century. A total of 157 statues of various sizes are also kept there. The origin of the golden temple dates back to 3rd century BC.

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