EON51 in Ho Chi Minh City

The Highest cafe, bar and restaurant in Saigon
/ Ho Chi Minh City

EON51 is the highest cafe, bar and restaurant in the Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Situated in the 50, 51 and 52nd floor of the Bitexco Financial Tower – this multi-cuisine entertainment centre is a must-visit for any traveller.

MIG TV was in conversation with the Marketing Manager and the Head Chef of EON51 to understand the subtle as well as the prolific aspects of this rooftop bar and restaurant.

The Head Chef Cuong Do tells us about how the restaurant serves a range of cuisines to satiate the taste-buds of an Indian traveller as well as a global tourist looking to spend a memorable evening watching the sunset in the backdrop of a colourful Ho Chi Minh City.

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