5 Things to do in Taipei


5 Things to do in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan is a stunning modern city where the Japanese-styled old lanes meet swanky malls, IT parks and world class academic institutions. Here we present to you, some of the must-visit spots in Taipei.

#Yongle– Yongle is the oldest market of Taipei where you find groceries, clothes and local handicraft. A local speciality is the piece cake or peanut cake usually prepared during the new year celebrations.

#Xia-Hai City God temple – Devotees immersed in the clouds of incense, gather around Xia-Hai City God temple temple, a popular Buddhist temple in the city. The temple was built in 1856. The Xia-Hai City God temple ensures prosperity and peace through its blessings. Another popular religion in here is Taoism.

#Wangtea– Going around the vibrant streets of Taipei, you are bound to be attracted to a tea house. One of the better knowns is Wang tea that has been around since 1890 and which has a traditional tea house. Due to their presence in the industry since 1890, they are well experienced in making, teaching and selling tea.

#TheTaipei101– The best time to see the well-lit city is after the sunset. One of the best buildings to see is the 101 tower which is usually called the symbol of the city. The tower is 508 metres high and has 101 storeys. The 101 tower was also the tallest in the world before being over taken by Dubai’s Burj-al-Khalifa

#Nightmarkets– The nightlife in Taiwan is something to experience, especially its night market. The streets are animated till 2 a.m. with many locals and tourists shopping and enjoying.

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