Promperu hosts luxury travel planners meet in New Delhi

Promoting Peru for Bespoke Experiences
/ New Delhi
Promperu hosts luxury travel planners meet in New Delhi

Peru boasts of a rich heritage, culture & scenic beauty (Photo - © PROMPERÚ)

In an attempt to promote Peru as a luxury travel destination in India, especially for bespoke or customised experiences, Promperu holds a networking evening in New Delhi.
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The Promotion Agency of Peru for Trade, Tourism and Investments, Promperu hosted its first exclusive ‘Bespoke Experience’ networking event in New Delhi. According to a press statement, this informative networking session, was attended by top 20 luxury partners and was hosted in a bid to strengthen ties with the leading travel agents from Delhi and to give them a glimpse of the bespoke luxury experiences that Peru has to offer.

The statement adds that there has been an uptick in demand for travel to Peru from India and that PromPeru India aims to intensify activations in the Tier I & II cities through focused trade relationship building exercises. As part of the increased efforts of PromPeru India, there has been an initiative to strengthen ties with agents from the key cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru. PromPeru India aims to work very closely with the Indian travel trade to further roll out innovative and exciting itineraries for the destination, it adds.

The ancient heart of the majestic Inca Empire, Peru is one of the world’s strongest countries growing economically. The resulting modernity leads to an original combination of the traditional and the Avant Garde. The country is rich in history, culture, adventure, scenic beauty and a spectrum of possibilities for travelers from around the world.  “The unique multicultural offerings are what makes Peru an ideal destination for Indians; from exquisite gastronomical adventures to coastal lands of the capital and the dunes of Ica, crossing the Andes Mountain Range to the Peruvian Amazon, Peru is a land of biodiversity offering all kinds of escapes for its visitors,’’ says the press statement.

Given the importance of India as a source market for Peru, PromPeru India will also be launching a survey to the travel trade aimed at gaining invaluable insight into how better to customise its luxury offer to the Indian traveller.

“We are extremely elated to deepen our connections with key Indian luxury trade partners and we are happy to announce that India has quickly become one of the top Asian source markets for Peru. PromPeru’s continuous engagements with the Indian travel trade signify the importance of India as a growth market for Peru on a global scale. We foresee a huge potential from this market for customised and experiential itineraries and believe that the visitation will continue to grow from the country,” says Luis Cabello, Trade and Tourism Counsellor, PromPeru India.

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