Oman receives record 610,000 Indian visitors in 2023

Tourism board says growth due to ease of access & visa
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Oman receives record 610,000 Indian visitors in 2023

Oman registered a record level of Indian visitors in 2023

Oman tourism reports that in 2023 it recorded the highest-ever Indian arrivals at 610,057 Indian visitors, thanks to contributing factors like accessibility from all corners of the country, streamlined visa procedures and availability of similar cultural influence.
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The Sultanate of Oman received the highest-ever  number of Indian visitors in 2023, that crossed 610,000 in the year. According to a press statement by Experience Oman, the  national tourism promotion agency, this feat has been complemented by various factors, including accessibility from all corners of the country, streamlined  visa procedures and availability of similar cultural influence.

The board says that from forts to ancient ruins to the stunning natural landscapes encompassing  deserts, mountains, and pristine beaches, Oman offers a captivating tapestry of experiences to attract Indian travellers. They are the main reasons for the unprecedented surge of Indian tourist arrivals to Oman, it says in the statement.

“We are excited to witness the overwhelming response from the Indian  travellers, thanks to Oman’s plethora of attractions, including its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. This milestone  reflects the collaboration between Oman and our Indian partners. We wish to strengthen the  relations between Oman and India, boost Oman brand visibility and drive increase interest among  premium luxury Indian travellers in the years to come,” says Saada Abdullah Saif Al Harthi, Director, Business Development Department, Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, Sultanate of Oman.

The statement adds that adventurous activities such as desert safaris, scuba diving and trekking in the picturesque mountain  ranges of Oman provide an opportunity for exploration and discovery. It says that the colourful festivals and  events held throughout the year offer detailed insights into the Sultanate’s vibrant traditions and heritage thereby enticing the Indian travellers to delve deeper into its wonders.

It goes on to say that Oman’s Ministry of Heritage and Tourism is making strenuous efforts to increase Indian tourist arrivals to Oman by  showcasing its many attractions.

The statement adds that Oman’s architectural marvels feature Nizwa and Bahla forts, offer a rare glimpse into the  country’s fascinating and glorious past. Oman’s rugged terrain, from vast desert sands of Wahiba to  the rugged peaks of Al Hajar Mountains and pristine coastline, provide a captivating backdrop for  exploration.

According to the ministry, Oman’s dedication to sustainable practices, exemplified by eco-friendly resorts and  conservation efforts, aligns with the values of environmentally friendly Indian travellers, creating enduring memories for them.

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