Italian National Railway Museum Pietrarsa records 265,000 visitors in 2023

Celebrating Italian rail heritage & 10th anniversary of Fondazione FS
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Italian National Railway Museum Pietrarsa records 265,000 visitors in 2023

National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa, features a collection of historic locomotives and carriages that is unique in Europe

In the 10th anniversary year of Fondazione FS, which runs the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, the museum attracts a record 265,000 visitors.
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The Italian National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa, Naples, made a new record in 2023 with 265,000 people visiting the exhibition run by Fondazione FS Italiane.

In a press statement, Luigi Cantamessa, General Manager of Fondazione FS and CEO of Treni Turistici Italiani, said that the national museum’s record turnout coincided with the 10 anniversary of Fondazione FS, the body founded on March 6, 2013, to restore, conserve and enhance the legacy of the Italian railways, Ferrovie Italiane.

The museum is close to the Naples–Portici Railway and is housed in what was originally the ‘Bourbon works’ Officine di Pietrarsa and has attached to it a classic legacy of Italian heritage.

Cantamessa said that the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa, features a collection of historic locomotives and carriages that is unique in Europe. 

He said that the railway museum, located on the first railway track line built in Italy, the key role of the Pietrarsa Museum is not only in highlighting the splendours of the past, but also as the nerve centre of experiences focused on the present and future of Ferrovie Italiane, a perfect link between the world of Fondazione FS and the world of Treni Turistici Italiani.

Luigi Cantamessa

Luigi Cantamessa

He added that open “belvedere” carriages will travel on special lines through nature, the first journey is planned during 2024, through the Franciacorta vineyards.

The statement added that the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa is Ferrovie Italiane’s memory lane. Located in the place where it all began, it is unique among railway museums in Europe. 

Fondazione FS says that the building derives its architecture from the Bourbon Restoration period and is located exactly at the centre of Italy’s first railway line, the Naples-Portici. In front of it is the sea, and behind it Mount Vesuvius, ingredients that together make Pietrarsa the most attractive railway museum in Europe.

“You have to come to Pietrarsa by train, it has a small internal station built from Vesuvius lava stone. Think of one of our historic “treni azzurri” trains leaving from Rome, from Reggio Calabria, and you have a complete railway experience culminating in Pietrarsa,” said Cantamessa.

“The past, present and future of Ferrovie dello Stato are unmistakeably bound together by this wonderful, unique creation. An indissoluble binomial of Fondazione FS, with its museums and historic trains, and FS Treni Turistici Italiani, with its new tourist routes. I think this new sector will have a huge market in the future and will make a significant contribution to raising our national GDP,” he added.

Cantamessa said that Pietrarsa today boasts perfectly restored and well-maintained rail structures, with high-level services and trains with shining brass fittings which visitors can board to go back in time. So, it is the natural link with Treni Turistici Italiani. 

“Through Fondazione FS’ 10 years of activity, we have built up important restoration knowhow to return these old trains to efficient service. The ultimate and most exciting goal of this adventure will be the construction of completely open carriages. “Belvederes”, in railway jargon. These are carriages without roofs, fitted with wooden seats and side panels up to elbow-height, which will travel on lines immersed in nature,” Cantamessa.

The statement added that the first service will begin operating in 2024 on a small railway in Lombardy, the Palazzolo Paratico Sarnico. This is a 12 km branch of the Bergamo-Brescia line, and travels through the first Franciacorta vineyards. 

It runs close to the river Oglio, the main tributary of Lake Iseo, offering a unique adventure in 12 km, a 30 km round trip in an open carriage breathing in the scents of nature. It will be the first open-air railway, the statement added.

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