Copenhagen: The green capital

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Copenhagen: The green capital

98 pc of all households in Copenhagen are connected to an efficient district heating system

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is also known as one of the greenest cities in the world due to its long-standing commitment towards sustainable development and pursuing green solutions.
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The city of Copenhagen outclasses most other capital cities in sustainable development initiatives and has been repeatedly named as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

With substantial emphasis on energy consumption, production, green mobility and administration, from busy offshore wind turbines in the Øresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden, to an increasing number of electric busses and ‘green wave’ city cycling traffic lights, the city is packed with green initiatives.

Though benefitting from Denmark’s universal health care, education, social safety system and environmental policies, Copenhagen, in 2009 set out to draft its own ambitious Climate Plan with goals to develop into the first capital in the world to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Environment friendly architectural planning

The Danish capital long known for its focus on creating resilient climate friendly neighbourhoods, Copenhagen is building its ‘world of tomorrow’ with sustainability at the core. The local municipality and famous architects, like Bjarke Ingels Group [BIG], Dissing & Weitling, Lendager Group work closely together to create impressive build and sustainable designs across the city.

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Going green on gastronomy

Dedicated to cooking and creating excellent organic food products which make up 24 pc of the total food sale in the citywhile creating high resource efficiency, reducing pollution and boosting low carbon footprints, Copenhagen has acquired the reputation as a ‘Foodie Heaven’ and ‘must go’ destination in culinary circles across the world.

Associated with high gastronomic quality and innovative initiatives, the capital also plays host to prestigious events like the World Food Summit and the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.

With constant efforts and commitment, the city is moving towards a future green growth economy with safe, healthy and liveable places and spaces for the Copenhageners and guests to live and thrive in.

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