Antarctica21 breaks new ground with hybrid-electric Magellan Discoverer

Exploring Antarctica with cutting-edge technology
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cbreaks new ground with hybrid-electric Magellan Discoverer
Antarctica21 breaks new ground with hybrid-electric Magellan Discoverer

Magellan Discoverer has been crafted on the lines of its sister ship Magellan Explorer

Cruise operator Antarctica21 has announced the launch of its latest vessel, Magellan Discoverer, a hybrid electric ship that will debut in the 2026-27 season.
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Antarctica21, a fly-cruise operator with expeditions to Antarctica has unveiled its latest vessel, Magellan Discoverer. In a press statement, Antarctica21 says that this cutting-edge vessel, set to debut in the 2026-27 season, represents a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences in the world’s most remote regions.

Juan Cristóbal del Pedregal Bravo

Juan Cristóbal del Pedregal Bravo

The statement adds that Magellan Discoverer has been crafted on the lines of its sister ship Magellan Explorer and promises to elevate the Antarctic adventure to new heights. Antarctica21 adds that manufactured by Asenav, a Chilean shipyard, this vessel will seamlessly blend elegance with functionality, mirroring the exquisite aesthetics of its predecessor while introducing enhanced amenities and comforts for discerning guests.

“This vessel represents a new dawn in Antarctic exploration. With its cutting-edge technology, elegant interiors, and impeccable service, it will provide an unparalleled journey through one of the world’s last frontiers. This proud addition to our fleet was born out of our unwavering commitment to meeting the rising expectations of our guests,’’ says Juan Cristóbal del Pedregal Bravo, Commercial Director, Antarctica21.

Antarctica21 has opened an onshore facility, Explorers House, in Punta Arenas

Generous Accommodations

The statement adds that with a capacity to accommodate up to 76 air-cruise guests across three passenger decks, Magellan Discoverer maintains the intimate ambiance that defines Antarctica21’s signature boutique, yacht-like experience. Among its luxurious offerings are 40 meticulously planned cabins, including 10 Grand Veranda Suites, two Family Suites, and a selection of Deluxe and Single Veranda Cabins. Each cabin offers a choice between a king-size bed or twin beds, along with private balconies to soak in the breathtaking vistas of Antarctica, it says.

The statement adds that beyond its accommodations, Magellan Discoverer is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities aimed at enriching the expedition experience. From an observation lounge and bar to a fully equipped gym and sauna with panoramic views, every corner of the vessel is crafted to immerse guests in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Antarctic landscape. 

Sustainability at Sea

The company says that environmental stewardship lies at the heart of its mission, and Magellan Discoverer is no exception. Engineered with heat recovery systems and designed to meet stringent Tier III emission standards, the vessel incorporates hybrid-electric propulsion to minimize its carbon footprint. Innovative features such as a waste heat recovery system and the use of biodegradable oils further demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. Additionally, a dedicated wet science lab underscores Antarctica21’s commitment to supporting vital research programs in the region.

In addition to its groundbreaking technology, Magellan Discoverer will offer passengers the opportunity to embark on their Antarctic journey in style with the opening of Explorers House. Nestled in Punta Arenas, a bustling port town at the gateway to Antarctica, this exclusive members’ club invites guests to indulge in pre-expedition luxury within a meticulously restored Patagonian wool warehouse.

Boasting elegant lounges, a curated library showcasing over 100 polar travel and nature books, and a garden oasis, Explorers House sets the stage for an immersive introduction to the wonders of Antarctica. The club’s presentation theatre, featuring talks on the history of polar exploration, along with the Antarctic Time Tunnel, an initiative supported by Antarctica21’s Foundation, further enrich the guest experience by fostering a deeper understanding of the region’s significance in science, art, conservation and education.

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