Anne Hathaway & Roger Federer stumped by Swiss Grand Tour

New campaign by Swiss Tourism attracts eyeballs across the globe
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Anne Hathaway & Roger Federer stumped by Swiss Grand Tour

The film is centred around the Grand Tour of Switzerland, a 1643-kilometre round trip through Switzerland

Swiss Tourism launches innovative advertising campaign that showcases the myriad landmarks of Switzerland, leaving Hollywood star Anne Hathaway and tennis maestro Roger Federer speechless on being stumped by a magnificent Grand Tour of Switzerland.
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After a hit promotional campaign featuring tennis superstar and brand ambassador of Swiss Tourism Roger Federer along with noted actor Robert de Niro, Swiss Tourism is back at it with yet another masterpiece of campaign, this time featuring Oscar-winner popular star Anne Hathaway alongside Federer.

The film is centred around the Grand Tour of Switzerland, a 1643-kilometre round trip through Switzerland, centred around the best that the Alpine country has to offer. The tour is covered in eight stages, through five Alpine passes, alongside 22 lakes and all the 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites or biospheres in Switzerland.

Unsurprisingly, the film showcases breath-taking mountain passes, picturesque lakes, grandiose castles, and a powerful film score. But, sitting with the film-making team in an editing studio, both Federer and Hathaway are irritated as the entire film is only about the landscape and sights and that the director has practically cut them both out of the whole film, which does not feature even a single close-ups of the celebrities.

When the director tells them that no one can upstage the Grand Tour of Switzerland and that no one is more visually stunning than Swiss landscapes, Hathaway storms out of the room, complaining that Federer had talked her into taking the part.

By signing on Anne Hathaway for its promotion, Swiss Tourism has mounted another coup in attracting big names to promote one of the most vaunted destinations in the world. In a press release, Swiss Tourism says that working with Anne Hathaway was great fun for Roger Federer. “It was an absolute privilege to spend time with such a global super star like Anne Hathaway. I was nervous about her high level of acting. But she gave me lots of tips and couldn’t have been nicer. She was very helpful and certainly patient with my acting skills,” says Federer.

“With such a Hollywood superstar like Anne in our campaign, we are assured of worldwide attention for the Grand Tour of Switzerland.,” says Martin Nydegger, director of Switzerland Tourism.

Hathaway says that the country has always impressed her. “Before the shoot, I was in the Swiss mountains with my family, and not only was it so beautiful but all the people there were so polite, sweet, considerate and – it’s actually true – very punctual,” says Hathaway.

The short film is part of a worldwide campaign to promote the Grand Tour of Switzerland. In addition to the film, different promotional materials will be used with the slogan “I need the roadtrip of a lifetime. I need Switzerland”.

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