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With the evolution of digital technology, planning a trip has become easier than before. Nearly 61 pc travellers now prefer to plan their tour through mobile apps.

Proper planning while travelling is the key to a worry-less travel and in this world of digital evolution, our extended limb, smartphones are the saviours. From planning trips to booking tickets and hotels, travel apps have been a blessing for many travellers. While apps like Airbnb, Lyft, Uber and Expedia are quite famous, here are a few lesser-known travel apps that can help you plan your next trip:


Do you have the habit of over packing or forgetting to pack the essential things? PackPoint helps the users by providing a checklist of travel items based on nature of the trip, weather forecasts, destination, length of stay and the reason for travel. So for a stress-free packing session just go through the checklist on PackPoint so that you don’t forget your essentials. The app is available both on Android or iOS phone for free.


Jet lag is something which can put your complete trip out of sync. The NASA approved Timeshifter app can be your saviour in this situation. Developed by scientists based on sleep and circadian neuroscience, the app tells its user when to expose themselves to bright light and when to avoid it along with when to have their coffee. The USD 24.99 for a year of unlimited plans helps you get personalised jet lag plans with sleep patterns.


While you are out and about exploring a new place and suddenly mother nature calls and you need to take care of your business but don’t know a place besides your hotel. Just download the Flush app on your smartphone for free and you won’t have to worry in such situation. Just provide your location and the app will list all the public washrooms near you along with directions and other facilities for special needs.


Love outdoor adventure travelling? Then AllTrails is the app for you. With more than 100,000 trail maps which can be sorted according to skill level, distance, accessibility, traffic and even dog-friendliness, this app helps you find the perfect answer for hiking, camping or just an off-road driving trail. While it is available for free, to navigate trail offline and receive other benefits, one would have to opt for the pro version for USD 29.99 for a year.


Food is one of the most important experiences during travel as what better way to learn about the culture of a place than its gastronomy. How about adding more to the experience and eating with the local people. The free to download Eatwith app has hand-picked, vetted chefs in more than 130 countries to not only feed the tourists with local delights but also organise cooking classes and food tours.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet helps you keep track of your wallet and budget while you are on your trip. You need to set your daily budget and then the app keeps track of your expenditures according to the categories. It not only converts currency for you but also allows you to switch between currencies. Available only on iOS, the first 25 transactions are free and then you make a one-time purchase of USD 4.99 for unlimited transactions. For Android users, they can opt for similar app Trabee Wallet.

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