‘Join me in Jamaica’ social media campaign to attract more tourists

Indians are entitled to visa-on-arrival in Jamaica
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Jamaica, welcoming visitors from all over the world (Picture Courtesy: Jamaica Tourist Board)

(Picture Courtesy: Jamaica Tourist Board)

Jamaica, the premier Caribbean tourism destination has a diverse and unique weather condition and is an attractive and ideal tourist spot, known for its diving and snorkeling. It consists of a number of mountains, rainforests and reef-lined beaches. The Jamaican Tourist Board, the official marketing team in charge aims at maintaining the position of Jamaica as the major Caribbean destination. 

The Jamaican Tourist Board (JTB) recently launched a promotional campaign called “Join me in Jamaica”. The campaign consists of a 90 seconds video featuring Jamaican celebrities and a few friends of Jamaica sharing their experiences about their profession and stay in Jamaica and about how it is an ideal place to visit. The main purpose of this campaign is to attract the visitors and also to increase their social media following.

“The Join Me in Jamaica campaign was created with today’s savvy traveller in mind as purchasing decisions as to where one will vacation are often made after a series of online searches. These short videos will serve to entice visitors to come experience our destination and our greatest asset, our people,” noted Donovan White, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism.

The "Join Me in Jamaica" campaign (Picture Courtesy: Jamaican Tourist Board)

The “Join Me in Jamaica” campaign   (Picture Courtesy: Jamaican Tourist Board)

A series of eight videos were made to promote the cuisine, music, attractions and the interests and passions of the people. The videos are being promoted through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. and also through a digital ad campaign.

Visitors to Jamaica

Every year, Jamaica has visitors from all over the world. The tourism industry has grown significantly with every passing year. In the year 2016, the total visitor arrival in Jamaica was 3,837,243 people. The people visiting Jamaica go for recreational, holiday, health, educational etc. purposes. Jamaica welcomes visitors from all over the world, the majority coming from USA, UK/Europe, Caribbean territories and countries like China, Japan, Australia and India. There is a provision of visiting Jamaica by cruise and there are a number of cruise travellers, too.

Indians visiting Jamaica

Indians have a history with Jamaica. There are a lot of Indians, called Indo-Jamaicans, who are descendants from the Indian sub-continent roots, who moved to Jamaica and have been living on the island since many years.

Jamaica has a lot of visitors from India every year. Indians find Jamaica to be the quintessential island country to explore. Indians, however, do not require a Jamaican visa to stay there for up to 30 days. Only a stamp on the passport during the immigration is a valid tourist visa for the Indians.

Though, the number of visitors from India with 1,721 fell by 6.1 pc in the year 2016, but the latest “Join me in Jamaica” campaign is expected to attract a lot of tourists from all over the world, including India. There is a Jamaican Tourist Board representation office located in New Delhi, India, which makes it easier for the Indians visiting Jamaica to get all their doubts and queries cleared.

Rajeev Nangia, chief operating officer, TRAC Representations that represents Jamaica Tourism in India said, “Jamaica has a mix of activities for people with varied interests. One can have romantic walks on the serene beaches, soak in the beauty of ‘Luminous Lagoon’, adventure junkies can get the adrenaline pumping with calypso rafting, horseback ride and swim, dance their heart out on the rhythmic beats in numerous nightclubs, shop, eat scrumptious Jamaican food and a lot more to explore.”

“The cherry on the top is that it offers visa-on-arrival to the Indians and is also great for business travellers seeking short leisure indulgences, for the luxury travellers and Indians visiting the US as it has direct connectivity, from most of the destinations in the US. The social media campaign will boost the tourist footfall to Jamaica and we expect more Indians will visit Jamaica this year.”

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