Indians, most digital-savvy travellers, says Travelport

Digital experience is the main influencer for Indian millennial travellers
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According to the Global Digital Traveller Research report published by the travel technology company Travelport, the future of travel is digital with digital experience being the deal-breaker for Indian millennial travellers.

The recent Global Digital Traveller Research 2019 by Travelport, the UK-based travel commerce platform, highlighted that millennials in India seek a premium digital experience across all aspects of travel. In a research which surveyed 23,000 people from 20 countries; including 2,000 from India, underlined that travellers in India want and expect travel providers to help them personalise their experience seamlessly.

According to the report, for the third year in a row, India has occupied the top position as the country with most digital-savvy travellers. With a huge population of ‘digital natives’, it has revealed that Indian millennial travellers were one of the world’s most likely (84 pc, above the global average of 71 pc) to consider it important that an airline offers a good digital experience – for instance, offering online check-in and gate information. Similarly, Indian millennials were the world’s most likely to consider the digital experience when booking hotels – 82 pc in India considered it important, well above the global average of 58 pc.

“Travellers want an experience that is as simple and engaging as the best retailers. Our research shows that technology is key. At Travelport, we will continue to accelerate development to help the industry keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the modern traveler,” said Fiona Shanley, chief customer and marketing officer, Travelport.

Commenting on the findings of the research, Sandeep Dwivedi, chief operating officer, InterGlobe Technology Quotient said, “The findings of the research clearly establishes that Indian millennials have a strong penchant for a superior digital experience while planning their travel. The travel ecosystem in India is headed towards a digital-first future and we, working with Travelport, are committed to innovate and develop solutions that can help the industry cater to the expectations of the modern traveller.”

The study also showed that the young Indian travellers are looking for value for money deals with only five percent of them reported always going for the cheapest price (global average of 18 pc). They are very comfortable making bookings through mobiles and using digital tools while travelling. Nearly 81 pc of the surveyed people used a mobile device to book their trips while 79 pc use social media to research about the place. To get the best deals, the Indian millennial travellers browse through different sites too. They will analyse travel review sites like TripAdvisor (60 pc in India against 42 pc globally) and price comparison sites such as (50 pc in India vs 38 pc globally). 93 pc of Indian travellers also look forward to getting insights from booking sites to discover new destinations.

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