Top 10 safe Mexican cities to visit in 2022

Planning a Latino vacation this fall will be full of pep and life
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Top 10 safe Mexican cities to visit in 2022

Mexico City is the most visited destination in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations in the world. However, some tourists are also worried about their safety due to some preconceived notions about security in the country. Though crime rates are high in this part of the world in general, there are many destinations in Mexico that make for a completely safe vacation spot, with some common precautions that tourists, and even the residents, need to take anywhere in the world.
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With its treasure trove of heritage, culture, beautiful beaches, wild forests, mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes and crystal blue waters of the sea, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Mexico is one of the most touristic places in the world.

During mid summers and December, around Christmas, Mexican cities record maximum outbound tourism due to the presence of popular beach resorts and hotels. According to World Tourism Organisation data, Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the American subcontinent. In 2017, Mexico was the most visited country in the world. Most of the UNESCO world heritage sites reside in this Lat-Am country including ancient ruins and colonial structures and natural wonders.

Here is a list of the safest Mexican cities that one can visit in 2022:


In this city, you will witness occasional pickpockets. But besides that it is broadly safe for tourists and it is said to be the “safest city” in Mexico.  It is widely known for its colonial architecture, and incredible food and is closely located in Chichen Itza. The best place to stay here is Hotel Mariota, situated in the centre of the town which is famous for its traditional design architecture.

Merida is said to be the “safest city” in Mexico

Playa Del Carmen

If you want to witness the places you have always heard about but never seen, then Playa Del Carmen is the city to look for in Mexico. Here, one can find Mayan Ruins and beautiful cenotes. Solo travellers and even families visit this place for its distinctive looks. You can also explore various events held during the night. However, most tourists avoid going out at night since there are many drug peddlers at the place.

If you want to stay safe, stay away from recreational drugs in this town! But ecstasy is not the only thing this town offers. It also has beautiful hotels and suites where one can enjoy their nights. There is Suites Corazón, which is just a walk away from the beach and has all the comforts including wifi, flat screen television, room service etc. However, at the beach, one can spend their time at Tulum’s ruins for snorkelling and water sports.

There is Suites Corazón, which is just a walk away from the beach and has all the comforts

Mexico City

It is the most visited destination in Mexico. To make the tourists feel safer, police is present at most tourist spots. Safety and precautions are a must for tourists. However, from the feedback gathered from tourists, they feel safe in the city. As a general rule, stay away from northern and southern neighbourhoods in Mexico City after dark.

For sightseeing, one can visit the famous La Merced Market during the day. If you want to go out at night, do not forget to leave the cash behind due to street thieves. However, one can freely use credit (or debit) cards in Mexico City at any Hotel or local eateries. A famous travel spot is a city Centro Ciudad de México. You can also take a full guided tour to Tlatelolco and the Basilica of Our Lady Guadalupe and Teotihuacan,

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for its bustling nightlife and family-friendly streets. It is safe for same-sex couples too. Like many cities in Mexico, it is not pervaded by any cartel clashes and has a low crime rate. It is a resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Sunny beaches, energising water sports, and ecstatic nightlife are the usual tourist attractions here. The resort town is home to Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church and boutique shops and restaurants.

San Miguel De Allende

If you genuinely want to experience Mexican culture, churches, restaurants and heritage, San Miguel de Allende is the place to head to. It is one of the safest places in Mexico. Many expatriates have settled here, including 8,000 Canadian-British American citizens. The crime rate is low here. One has to be careful while using public transport. At San Miguel De Allende, you can stay in a historic part of the town called Hotel Casa Blanca 7. One can travel to archaeological sites such as Canada De La Virgen Pyramid. It is a Mesoamerican complex and was discovered in 2004. Since then, it has become a hub of tourists availing luxuries such as guided tours and hassle-free transportation.


Sayulita is a village on Mexico’s Pacific coast backed by the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains.  It is the city that drives the local economy here. It is out 50 km northwest of Puerto Vallarta. One can have a comfortable stay at the Hotel Ysuri Sayulita. It is a short walk to the beach and the city centre. There are numerous attractions here such as whale watching and snorkelling tours.

It is known for beaches with strong surf, like the central Sayulita Beach. To the west, Los Muertos Beach is more sheltered, sandwiched between protective rocks. Galleries in Sayulita sell artworks by Huichol indigenous people. Southwest, the Marieta Islands have diverse wildlife such as humpback whales and dolphins.

Sayulita is known for beaches with strong surf, like the central Sayulita Beach

Santa Maria Huatulco

It is a town in the southern state of Oaxaca. Apart from beaches, coral reefs, and diverse wildlife, Huatulco is famous for its prehistoric ruins in nearby Parque-Eco Arqueológico Copalita. Bacano Del Rio is the Copalita Museum and has beautiful ceramic artefacts.

It is a family-friendly destination. Although organised crime is prevalent in Oaxaca City and Huatulco city, it is a rich heritage of indigenous speakers.


It is a beautiful little town, filled with gorgeous museums, and historical sites. It is situated on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. a lonely and uncrowded place, it is a perfect spot for expatriates. Campeche was declared a World Heritage Site in 1997. There was a grand colonial port that was once established in this city by the Spanish in the 16th century, but it faded soon after Mexico’s independence. The city is an economic powerhouse due to the presence of offshore petroleum. The state has important Mayan and colonial sites too.

Campeche was declared a World Heritage Site in 1997

Mazatlan, Sinaloa

It is the northernmost resort city on the beautiful Mexican Riviera. It is perfect for hiking, riding ATVs, and ziplining through forests. It is a favourite destination for expatriates because the cost of living here is very low compared to other Mexican cities.


It is a spot for tourists who are interested in Mexican handicrafts and artworks. The Mercado El Parian is the place where one can buy indigenous handicrafts. At Mercado La Victoria, we have the 19th-century market, a beautiful shopping centre and Luxe Boutiques. Puebla is a world heritage site. It has gorgeous colonial architecture and an iconic cathedral and that explains why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Hotel, La Purifecadora, is a design boutique hotel with exquisitely-designed transparent pools. The hotel is close to special attractions such as Virgen De Los Remedios Church Pyramid of Cholula.

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