Tokyo: Where modernity meets tradition

Head to Asakusa for traditional Japanese Cuisines
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Tokyo: Where modernity meets tradition

Visit the world's busiest intersection at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

In spite of being one of the busiest cities in the country, the capital of Japan, Tokyo, has captured the attention of millions of tourists for the unique experiences and attractions it provides.
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Tokyo is the largest metropolitan and capital city of Japan. From housing some of the oldest temples to innovating the latest high tech gadgets in the world, Tokyo is the perfect combination of modernity and traditional Japanese culture. It is also the place where tourists jump headfirst before venturing or moving to other destinations in the country. Despite its hectic pace, Tokyo has managed to keep its position as one of the most sought out cities in terms of tourism in the country and beyond. To give a glimpse of the city or perhaps stir some into visiting, here is a list of some of the top attractions that visitors should definitely check out.

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple

The giant red Chochin lantern at the main entrance of Sensoji is iconic to the temple (Photo: Senso-ji)

The oldest temple in the capital city, Sensoji is a sight to behold and a sin to be missed in Tokyo. Located in the historic centre of the city in Asakusa district, it has drawn the attention of millions of visitors making it one of the most frequented spiritual sites in the world.

Its iconic Kaminarimon Gate or Thunder Gate has a giant red Chochin lantern at the main entrance that has made the spot a popular hub for photographers.

Throughout the year, several seasonal events are held on the temple grounds. Some of the most popular ones include the Hozuki market in July and the Hagoita market in December.

Stroll around the main hall of the temple to enjoy scrumptious traditional street snacks. Do note that Asakusa, where the Buddhist temple is located, is an amazing district to eat traditional Japanese cuisines. With a number of long-established Japanese restaurants in the area, one can be sure to find popular authentic dishes such as Sukiyaki, Tempura and Sushi.  So, once when visitors have done marvelling the sight of the temple and are looking forward to try the region’s delicacies, they can choose one amongst the array.

Watch Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling

Sumo wrestlers in action (Photo: Visit Japan facebook)

Watching Japan’s unique national sport Sumo is one of its kind experience in the world. It is one of the oldest sport in Japan that has been practiced and kept alive for generations. One may have watched or glanced the sport in the screen of smart phones or televisions before, but witnessing these huge wrestlers in action from up close makes everyone filled with awe.

There are numerous Sumo stables (training rooms) in Tokyo, especially in the Ryogoku area which is not too far from Asakusa area and Tokyo Skytree. Some of them are open for public viewing of their morning practice. Do keep in mind that taking photos of Japanese people without their permission is considered to be rude. So, when one gets the chance to view them practice in the mornings, one should seek their permissions first.

Odaiba, Tokyo Bay

Rainbow bridge

Rainbow Bridge is one of the key attractions to see at Odaiba (Photo:Tokyo Gov)

Located on a man-made island on Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is a district in southern Tokyo. Accessible via the Rainbow Bridge or Yurikamome train Line from Tokyo mainland, Odaiba is one of the most entertaining districts in Tokyo packed with a number of shopping malls, restaurants, museums and entertainment facilities. The district is also famous for its stunning night views and is another very popular haven for photographers. One can view the illuminated Tokyo Bay, the Rainbow Bridge and the skyscraper of the city on the other side of the sea.

Also known for its high-tech entertainments such as the realistic human like robots at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, one is sure to be amazed at its wonders. A popular activity that people here enjoy to do is going cruising during the evenings on Tokyo Bay around the Odaiba area.

VR (Virtual Reality) WORLD

VS Tokyo

VR is a great option for families during rainy days (Photo: Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory)

One of the hottest and unique hot spots for families here has to be the VR (Virtual Reality) experiences that the city offers.

With various themes and experiences that includes multiple games and activities, visitors are sure to have an adventure in its closed spaces. It is a great option to opt for, especially on a rainy day. Some of the recommended VR spots in Tokyo are VR Joypolis in Odaiba, and the Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory.

Tokyo DisneySea

The Mediterranean Harbour is themed as an Italian port city (Photo: Tokyo DisneySea official)

Another popular attraction in the city is the Tokyo DisneySea, which is a fantasy themed park in Tokyo Disney Resort and is one of its kind in the world.

Inspired from the myths and legends of the sea, Tokyo DisneySea is a unique themed park that has seven themed ports –Mediterranean Harbour, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.

With interesting experiences such as the slow moving boat ride that takes visitors on an unassuming journey with Sindbad, a journey to the Centre of the Earth in the Mysterious Island, or wandering in the Arabian harbour of the Arabian Coast, visitors are sure to be enchanted with this unique space.

One should try to visit all the seven ports if possible, for all the ports with its different themes provide experiences that are totally different from each other.

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