‘Befikre’ Ranveer Singh immortalised in Paris

Grévin wax museum unveils Ranveer Singh Statue
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Grévin wax museum in Paris inaugurated a statue of Ranveer Singh last week

Famous Bollywood film star Ranveer Singh’s romance with the most romantic city in the world, Paris, has been immortalised, almost a year after the star spent months in France shooting for Adtiya Chopra’s romantic comedy Befikre.

Marking the lasting connection that Ranveer Singh and indeed Hindi film industry has had with the French capital, the historical Grévin wax museum in Paris inaugurated a statue of Ranveer Singh last week, to add a French colour to the occasion of the birthday of the famous Bollywood actor.

It was in October 2016, during the shooting of Befikre, the first Hindi film to be entirely shot in France that the Grévin’s team met with the actor in order to prepare the statue. The sculptor, Eric Saint Chaffray, and the Grévin’s artistic team met up with Ranveer Singh to gather the data they needed for creating the waxwork. This session was held at the Pullman Tour Eiffel hotel. “Ranveer Singh is joyful and charming and he was a real pro, it was a pleasure to make his statue,’’ Saint Chaffray told Media India Group in Paris during a special function organised to mark the opening of the statue to the public in July.

The making of a wax statue is quite a tedious process. Hair, skin, and eye colour have to be carefully recorded and the hands moulded exactly as they are. “The only problem, I faced was to recapture the exact contours of the face since the actor was sporting a beard to play his role in the film,” exclaimed Saint Chaffray.

Ranveer Singh donated one of his own outfits to be worn by the statue. It was sent to the Grévin from Mumbai. Ranveer Singh won over audiences across the world and especially in France with many films including the blockbuster Bajirao Mastani (2015), a magnum opus that featured him as a warrior hero.

“After Shah Rukh Khan, we wanted to highlight a new Bollywood actor and we chose Ranveer Singh, who really became a popular, leading star almost overnight. The movie, Befikre, made him famous in France also. We really hope to have more and more Indian celebrities at Grévin and receive more and more Indian tourists to this unique venue, hosting more than 200 celebrities in the heart of Paris,” Frédéric Gouguidis, marketing director at Grévin Wax Museum told Media India Group.

The inauguration of Shah Rukh Khan’s statue at the Grévin, its first Indian film star, had made news all across the country and contributed to making commercial Hindi cinema better known in France. The star had come for the inauguration where thousands of fans waited for hours to see him. In comparison, the inauguration of Ranveer’s statue was a little more low profile as the celebrity could not visit Paris due to his current shooting engagements.

He nevertheless addressed a video message to all his fans saying, “It’s a truly special birthday present and one that will always bring back beautiful memories of Paris. I love all things French, and am grateful to the museum that they have given me a permanent place in wax in their home and their hearts.”

“It was a pity Ranveer Singh was not present. I was really expecting to see him! He is definitely the new ‘coqueluche (heart-throb)’ of the new generation of French-Bollywood lovers and especially mine. I hope I’ll be able to see him soon!” said Christopher Calimoutou, a 24-year-old Indian origin hairdresser from the French Island Guadeloupe.

The wax figure of Ranveer Singh will be on view in one of Grévin’s most prestigious venues, the Hall of Columns, not far from Shah Rukh Khan, Céline Dion, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, among many others.

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