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Rugged coastlines, and favourable climate year-round, Australia can’t help but lure its travellers to the infinite possibilities of outdoor activities, both on land and at sea.

Adventure sports have the kind of enchantment that makes people want to get out of their mundane life and spend time outside. Most of the people would have dreamt of trying scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef at least once in their life or skydiving while looking at the breathtaking few of the earth. These adrenaline-pumping sports puts one out there, sparks desire for new experiences and what better place to do it than Australia? With breathtaking landscapes, from the mountain, to deep oceans, to desert and river valleys Australia is home to a lot of adventure sport than one can imagine. The land down under is truly a store-house of adventure sports.

“Before coming to Australia, I never thought these sports were for me, but this place really changes you, because people are so active, they play, and these adventure sports which we consider adventure sport are a part of people’s daily routine, I know so many people who enjoy scuba diving or surfing whenever they are free. This inspired me to take part in it too, and I have to say, if you want to experience adventure sports, no better place than Australia” Shreeja Biswas, a student in Bond University in Queensland tells India Outbound.

Bungee jump – Cairns

(picture credit: Everything Australia)

The most famous extreme sport of them all. Attaching oneself to a giant band and being throw off somewhere inadvisably high the tropical Cairns setting just adds to the mind-blowing rush. It’s a palace where one can truly feel free and feel their blood pumping through their veins. The beautiful greenery definitely adds to the thrill of being pushed into the open air and the freedom of free-falling.

White-water rafting – Mission Beach

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The Tully is Australia’s best white-water rafting river. Though Mission Beach is small but is packed with activities. White water rafting takes place in the Tully River and is regarded as the best white water rafting across New Zealand and Australia.  The picturesque river is surrounded by lush green forest which also is a world heritage site

Skydiving – Byron Bay

(picture credit: Greyhound Australia)

There are lots of places to skydive in Australia and nearly all of them offer something spectacular to look at while one is plummeting towards the earth. The views at Byron are among the best though, as it overlooks the spectacular coastline. Falling from a plane never looked better.

Scuba diving – Great Barrier or Ningaloo Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef is enormous and stretches most of the way down the east coast, the Ningaloo Reef is a bit smaller, a lot quieter and off the coast of Western Australia. Both are marine paradises, excellent places to learn to dive and full of challenges for experienced divers. No Australian adventure or must-do list is complete without it, and this list is no different because scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is widely considered to be on the top 10 of everyone’s bucket list. The only living structure that can be spotted from outer space, Queensland’s deep dive spots in the Great Barrier Reef mean plenty of memorable experiences with fish and coral at your fingertips.

Zorbing – Gold Coast

(picture credit:

Surfers Paradise is as good a place as any to organise zorbing. Getting into a humongous ball and rolling down a hill. Simple really, but it provides adventure jukies with the thrill that they seek. Zorbing has been popularised all across the globe, yet the true lover of adventure still place Australia on top of their list. The picturesque setting of Australian scenery adds to the thrill and adrenaline rush. Though this is the “safest” of all the adventure sport mentioned, the sensation of tumbling down a hill while being in a ball is unmatched.

“Zorbing is the first thing I tried when I came to Australia. Though I heard about it a lot in India, it never excited me, but I guess that’s what this place does to you, makes you more outdoorsy and makes you and to try something different all the time” says Shreeja Biswas


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