Embassy of Peru & Promperu organise presentation in Chennai

Multiple options of Bespoke Experiences in Peru for high-end clientele
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Embassy of Peru & Promperu organise presentation in Chennai

Embassy of Peru organised an evening of presentations aimed at a select group of travel trade stakeholders in Chennai

As part of a series of travel trade-focused activities across India, the Embassy of Peru and Promperu India jointly organised a presentation on Bespoke Experiences in Peru for the luxury travel market in Chennai.
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Offering a broad diversity of luxury experiences in entirely different settings and with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a backdrop, Promperu India and the Embassy of Peru in India organised an evening of presentations aimed at a select group of travel trade stakeholders in Chennai on Thursday.

Building on glorious beaches, delightful deserts, amazing Amazonian adventures and the wealth of heritage sites sprinkled across Peru, notably Machu Pichu, Cusco, Nazca Lines and Arequipa, Luis Cabello, head of Promperu India, which is the marketing agency of Peru focused on tourism and trade, weaved a passionate presentation of Peru’s pleasureable offerings that await the right kind of Indian customers.

The focus of the presentation clearly remained the high-end and the discerning travellers who would rather spend time in exploring a destination properly, rather than go hop-skip and jump across countries for marking their passports.

Repeatedly during his presentation, Cabello reminded the travel trade partners that they needed to educate and convince the traveller about the multiple experiences that awaited them in each part of Peru and that the travel plan must include adequate time for them to discover and enjoy each experience, rather than rush through them.

‘‘To experience Peru, or even part of Peru, you need time and you need to tell your customers that they will not be able to enjoy the experience without spending adequate time for each place – be it Cusco or Nazca Lines, the deserts or the Amazonian Basin. So emphasise on the number of days spent in Peru and at each site,’’ Cabello reminded the travel trade frequently during his presentation.

He also gave an example of how he convinced one of the top ‘power couples’ of the Indian travel trade earlier this year when they consulted him for a visit to Peru.

‘‘This couple is at the head of one of the biggest travel companies in India, which I will not name. But they approached me about their own voyage to South America and said they planned a vacation with almost equal time spread between Brazil, Peru and Ecuador for teh Galapagos Islands. After my discussions with them, they spent over 15 days in Peru alone and divided the rest of the time between Brazil and Ecuador. Now, this is a couple that knows travel and the fact that they choose to do it means that there must be something in Peru that held them back for so much time. And after their travel, they thanked me for my advice,’’ Cabello told the gathering.

He also highlighted the numerous luxury experiences, ranging from unique, ultra-luxury resorts in key landmarks of Peru to the several luxury trains notably the Belmond Andean and Hiram Bingham that take the travellers through unrivalled mix of wonderous landscapes and heritage sites, often high in the mountains.

Cabello also focused on Peruvian culinary delights as well as its various artisanal markets and experiences around artisans that Indian travellers must enjoy.

Another distinct advantage of Peru was the ease of getting there and the short visa processing time, despite the travel time. Almost all through this year, Indian travel trade has been hurt and hit by the unprecedented delays in getting visas for most western countries, which in the case of United States stretch beyond three years.

So, in what must have been pure music to the travel trade, Fabio Subia, First Secretary at the Embassy of Peru in New Delhi said that getting a visa to Peru was not complicated and if all documents were in order, a visa would be processed within five working days.

Subia added that holders of current visas for a vast range of countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or the Schengen Area did not need a visa to travel to Peru.

The meeting in Chennai was part of a series of activities that Promperu India and the Embassy of Peru in India have undertaken this year to boost the revival of travel to the destination. ‘‘We have been holding such presentations across the country this year to engage with the travel trade. And next year we will enhance our footprint by participating in key travel trade events like SATTE and OTM,’’ Cabello told India Outbound.

Cabello says that the revival of tourism from India has already led to the country emerging as third largest source market in Asia, but Peru is focusing on a select number of Indian travellers, rather than reach to the masses, Cabello says.

‘‘In terms of visas, we had about 12,000 visas delivered in India before Covid-19 pandemic. This year, from January to September, we have already crossed 5,000. So, we are happy with the recovery. We dont want large groups of people just passing through Peru, rather we would want fewer people to spend more time and discover Peru properly,’’ Cabello added.

Peru is an attractive destination for honeymooners, couples and those interested in discovering heritage and also adventure, Cabello said.

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