To mark World Vegan Day, Emirates launches new vegan choices

Catering to rising demand for plant-based & healthier foods
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To mark World Vegan Day, Emirates launches new vegan choices

To cater to rising demand, Emirates has introduced new vegan dishes onboard

On the occasion of World Vegan Day, Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has introduced broader range of vegan dishes on its menu, in response to rising demand for healthier, plant-based foods.
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As the world celebrates the World Vegan Day, Emirates Airlines says it has made a multimillion-dollar investment into new vegan choices onboard. In a press statement, the airline says a curated menu of gourmet vegan dishes has been introduced into First and Business Class, while Economy Class menus also have new selection of plant-based produce.

The airline says its move is in order to cater to the rapid growth of the global vegan community and also in the general interest in herbivorous diets. It adds that vegan options are available to order and pre-order onboard, as well as in Emirates Lounges.

The airline says it has been serving vegan options onboard since the 1990s. Initially, vegan requirements were focused on specific routes such as Adonboard Emirates dis Ababa where vegan meals are required during certain times of the year by those practising the Ethiopian Orthodox faith, or across the Indian subcontinent where multiple faiths encourage a plant-based diet. But as vegan dishes are gain greater popularity on US, Australian, some European and UK routes, Emirates has responded with its new offerings. Currently Emirates offers more than 180 plant-based recipes catering to vegan customers.

The airline says it has invested into developing a new vegan menu to rival acclaimed restaurants. The vegan menu in First and Business Class spent a year in development in Emirates Flight Catering, an expansive facility based at Dubai International airport, which is home to 11,000 employees and serves up to 225,000 meals daily, says the airline in its press statement. It is the largest flight catering facility in the world and home to international chefs of 69 different nationalities. The menu was the focus of multiple presentations and tastings, featuring contributions from diverse cuisine specialists like Chinese, Indian and Arabic speciality chefs, to create a wide range of flavours and textures. The tasting panels included both vegan and non-vegan chefs and team-members to ensure an inclusive approach, the airline adds.

In Economy Class, the vegan menus are also refreshed every month, providing a wide variety of dishes to frequent travellers. The vegan meals in Economy Class are available to pre-order and have been extremely well received by passengers worldwide.

Emirates says that the benefits of plant-powered choices are of increasing interest to health-conscious customers who may not define themselves as vegan but will occasionally choose lighter choices to complement their lifestyle. Alternative products used onboard Emirates include items like artisan vegan cheese, chickpea flour instead of white flour, because chickpea flour is gluten-free and naturally aerates dishes like crepes and omelettes to an irresistible fluffy texture.

It adds that its team of award-winning chefs have put together a creative new menu, where vegetables take centre stage and the absence of meat isn’t felt, through clever use of textures and infusions to conjure the essential umami effect.

Vegan options onboard Emirates are nutrient-dense and rich in greens, fruits, and vegetables, sourced from several UAE-based suppliers including fresh locally grown kale and lettuce from Bustanica. Bustanica is the world’s largest hydroponic vertical farm, a USD 40 million joint venture investment through Emirates Flight Catering. The Bustanica farm is driven by powerful technology – machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced methods – and a specialised in-house team that includes agronomy experts, engineers, horticulturists, and plant scientists.

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