Visit Finland invites applications for ‘Masterclass in Happiness’

10 lucky winners to bag unique masterclass with all costs covered
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Visit Finland invites applications for ‘Masterclass in Happiness’

Visit Finland is giving away a free "Masterclass in Happiness" to 10 winners

Visit Finland is offering ‘Masterclass in Happiness’, with all costs covered, to 10 lucky winners of a contest.
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Finland, a country long known for having some of the happiest residents on Earth, has launched a unique initiative offering a “Masterclass of Happiness’’. Finland has been named the world’s happiest country for five consecutive years by the World Happiness Report.

According to a press statement, Visit Finland has announced that it is seeking applications from around the world for its upcoming “Masterclass of Happiness.”

The tourism promotion body says that 10 lucky participants will be chosen for an opportunity to travel to Finland for in-person coaching on how to find their inner happens. In the statement, Visit Finland adds that applications will be accepted up to April 2 for the masterclass that will take place in June 2023.

The statement adds that Finland will be the first country to ever host its own masterclass. And the lucky individuals chosen to take part and visit Finland will be connected with expert coaches who will provide guidance on leading a balanced way of life that promotes happiness the “Finnish way.” The coaching will cover four key themes: nature and lifestyle; health and balance; design and everyday, and food and wellbeing.

The masterclass will be held from June 12-15 at the Kuru Resort in Finland. Those chosen to participate will arrive in Finland on June 11 and depart on June 16 and the four-day class will be totally free of charge. The statement adds that Visit Finland will also cover travel expenses to and from Finland.

The body says that applicants can apply individually or with one other person. Kuru Resort, where the masterclasses will take is a luxury resort in a natural setting surrounded by fragrant pine forests and breathtaking views in Finnish Lakeland. The statement adds that each guest will stay in a villa that has been designed from the ground up with nature in mind. Each villa also includes its own spa and sauna.

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