Türkiye Tourism Board debuts in New Delhi World Book Fair

Ambassador Firat Sunel unveils his book Salkim Sögutlerin Gölgesinde"
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New Delhi World Book Fair
Türkiye Tourism Board debuts in New Delhi World Book Fair

31st New Delhi World Book Fair in Pragati Maidan (Photo : Abhipray / IndiaOutbound)

Türkiye Tourism Board debuted in the 31st New Delhi World Book Fair, that concluded recently. The event witnessed the presence of several Turkish dignitaries, authors, and publishers.
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The Türkiye Tourism Board made a debut in the 31st New Delhi World Book Fair, which took place at Pragati Maidan from February 25 to March 5, 2023. Several Turkish dignitaries, authors, and publishers who had flown from their nation just to attend the 9-day mega expo were a part of the event. The major objectives of taking part in this expo were to improve communication with Indian publishing houses and advance cultural interchange between Türkiye and India, the board issued in a press statement.

Turkish Ambassador Firat Sunel

Firat Sunel

During a panel discussion on Turkish literature in India, the Turkish Ambassador Firat Sunel unveiled his book, Salkim Sögutlerin Gölgesinde, which was a major highlight of the occasion. The press statement further added that In the Shadow of the Willows, loosely translated as Salkim Sögutlerin Gölgesinde, was released in 2011 and will be made available to Indian readers in a number of languages, beginning with Malayalam, says a press statement.

It is a historical fiction set in the years following the World Wars. The show witnessed the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism set up a stall exclusively to promote Turkish literature, with the selection featuring books encompassing subjects like children’s literature, land and people, history, personalities and biographies of historical figures.

“We would like to promote Turkish culture in India as we believe Indian and Turkish cultures are extremely similar on multiple fronts and it is due to this, that Turkish dramas and films are popular among Indian viewers. The Turkish Cultural Ministry frequently receives inquiries from Indian publishers on the translation programme for Turkish Books. With this initiative, we aim to inform Indian publishers about the Translation and Publication Grant Programme of Turkiye (TEDA). We are looking forward to more such exciting collaborative opportunities in the future,’’  says Sunel.

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