International tourist arrivals in Uganda grow 56 pc in 2023

Uganda seeks to diversify source markets to reach pre-pandemic levels
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International tourist arrivals in Uganda grow 56 pc in 2023
International tourist arrivals in Uganda grow 56 pc in 2023

Uganda is targetting new markets to grow its tourism industry

With about 1.2 million overseas visitors in 2023, Ugandan tourism industry grew by 56 pc last year, while international tourism receipts crossed USD 1 billion.
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Tourism industry in Uganda is experiencing a remarkable resurgence, with international tourist arrivals skyrocketing by 56 pc in 2023, says a report prepared by the Tourism Ministry of Uganda.

The report adds that the total number of foreign visitors to the country crossed the 1.2 million mark and the international travellers generated over USD 1 billion in revenue.

The Ministry has released its performance report for 2023, highlighting these achievements, stating that the tourism receipts rose even far more rapidly in the year 2023, compared to the preceding year.

‘‘This 56 pc increase translated into over USD 1 billion in revenue, up from about USD 180 million in 2022,’’ says Denis Ojok, Senior Statistician at the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities.,

However, despite this growth, the sector has yet to fully rebound to its pre-Covid levels. The statement cites challenges such as infrastructure deficiencies, emphasising the need to prioritise tourism-related road projects in the current financial year.

‘‘While Uganda’s key tourist markets remain in Africa, there is a strategic shift towards emerging markets like Nepal and Switzerland,’’ says the report.

According to the statement, to further bolster the sector, the Ministry of Tourism plans to embark on aggressive marketing campaigns, expedite product development, and provide support through training to enhance global competitiveness.

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