Giant rubber duck returns to Hong Kong

Bid to drive ‘double luck’, says Florentijn Hofman
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Hong Kong
Giant rubber duck returns to Hong Kong

Duo ducks for twice the luck, says artist Florentijn Hofman

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman recently returned to Hong Kong with his floating art installation, Double Ducks.
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Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour has welcomed back Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman whose floating art installation of a pair of rubber ducks, ‘Double Ducks’ opened to visitors last week.

According to a press statement, marking its 10th anniversary, the inflatable yellow ducks have come a decade after Hofman’s ‘Rubber Duck’ sculpture drew crowds in the Asian financial hub in 2013. In the press statement, the organisers say that the grand public art exhibition at Victoria Harbour that was inaugurated on June 10, is open to the public for about 2 weeks henceforth, subject to weather conditions.

“Double duck is double luck,” says artist Florentijn Hofman.

“The work emphasises friendship and getting connected. Due to Covid we learned that spending time together is so valuable. Making moments and memories for real, living in the here and now, are things to cling on to. The digital world and living on our devices make us sometimes so blunted. Art can open your eyes and spark up your soul. ‘Double Ducks’ is not about looking into the past but enjoying the moment together!” he adds.

Stationed near Tamar Park and the Central and Western District Promenade, this decade-awaited project has been a collaboration of Hong Kong Tourism Board and Prudential, as well as other sponsors including csl, Ngong Ping 360, VSFG, ZA Bank, and supporting partner MTR Corporation, says the statement.

It adds that the 18 metres high ‘Double Ducks’ will be the highlight of Hong Kong-based creative studio AllRightsReserved’s 20th anniversary celebration as a duo, like the symmetrical Chinese characters ‘囍’ (happiness) and ‘朋’ (friends), symbolising the prosperity of partnership, friendship, and the double happiness of coming together as one.

As Victoria Harbour imminently turns into a large bathtub again for the ‘Double Ducks’ arrival, it will bring renewed enthusiasm to the vibrant skyline and convey the healing power of art and a positive message of friendship and unity.

“’Rubber Duck’ is one of the well-loved projects among the numerous events we have curated and organised in the past 20 years. People were connected through this large-scale outdoor art installation. We were frequently asked, in the past decade, when the Rubber Duck would be returning. We have decided, against all odds, to bring back our old friend, accompanied, to celebrate the ten-year milestone. Our goal is simple – to spread happiness. Without the support from friends and organisations, this mission would not become possible,” says SK Lam, Founder of AllRightsReserved.

Inspired by a world map and a rubber duck to create his giant installation, Hofman then took his art on a world tour that started in the Netherlands in 2007. It travelled to twelve locations from thereon across four continents before making its way to Hong Kong in 2013, becoming Hofman’s most prominent exhibition to-date. His freewheeling imagination of childlike wonder has gained notice from the public, inspiring people to take a break from their mundane daily life and connect with one another, adds the statement.

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