Antarctica21 partners with Brandit to introduce Antarctica fly-cruise experiences in India

More Indian travellers seek novel & immersive journeys: Brandit
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Antarctica21 partners with Brandit to introduce Antarctica fly-cruise experiences in India

Antarctica21 says that with two ships in its fleet, it has been offering voyages to Antarctica & beyond for over two decades

Travel and tourism representation firm Brandit will represent Chilean fly-cruise company Antarctica21 in the Indian market.
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Antarctica21, a Chilean fly-cruise company, has partnered with marketing services and travel representation firm Brandit to introduce its Antarctica fly-cruise experiences in India. 

In a press statement, Brandit says this partnership will build awareness for the destination as well as Antarctica21’s small ship experiences in the Indian market.

The statement says that Antarctica21’s decision to join forces with Brandit stems from the increasing number of Indian travellers seeking novel and immersive journeys. It adds that with this cooperation, Antarctica21 is well-positioned to tap into this growing demand, supported by the agency’s profound insights into the dynamic Indian landscape and exceptional relations with the travel trade. 

It adds that with two ships in its fleet, MV Ocean Nova and MV Magellan Explorer, Antarctica21 has been offering voyages to Antarctica and beyond, for over two decades. Each of the ships has a capacity of maximum 70 travellers. This allows cruisers to better enjoy the land of rugged beauty, millennia-old icebergs and fascinating wildlife in an exclusive and adventurous atmosphere.

Juan Cristóbal del Pedregal Bravo

Juan Cristóbal del Pedregal Bravo

“Antarctica21 is a boutique wilderness adventure company that allows travellers to explore Antarctica without crossing the stormy Drake Passage. As the first fly-cruise expeditions operator in the region with over 20 years of experience, we possess an intimate understanding of its geography, wildlife, behaviour, and ecology. Now, with a dedicated market representation in India, we expect to increase awareness about the small ship experiences by Antarctica21 and unveil the untamed beauty of the White Continent to a wider audience by tempting adventure travellers to be part of the history of the Antarctic Exploration in a unique and exclusive experience,” says Juan Cristóbal del Pedregal Bravo, Antarctica21 Commercial Director.

Drake Passage is a strait connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, between Argentina and the Antarctica and is supposed to be extremely dangerous due to inclement weather and frequent storms.

Lubaina Sheerazi

Lubaina Sheerazi

The statement says that the synergy between Antarctica21 and Brandit extends beyond market entry, encompassing the creation of innovative strategies to cater to the ever-evolving preferences of the Indian outbound travel segment. The Indian agency will also facilitate various training sessions, seminars, workshops, events, webinars and virtual meetings for tour operators across key markets, nurturing a deeper understanding of Antarctica21’s offerings.

“Our association with Antarctica21 is a testament to Brandit’s growing and diverse portfolio. We are thrilled to introduce the incredible offerings of Antarctica21 in the Indian market. We will leverage our extensive understanding of the Indian outbound market and travel trade to ensure Antarctica21’s exclusive offerings resonate with the discerning preferences of Indian travellers,” says Lubaina Sheerazi, CEO & Co-founder, Brandit.

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