Agoda lists most affordable destinations for summer vacations

Budget accommodations from Thailand & Malaysia to Japan & Taiwan
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Agoda lists most affordable destinations for summer vacations

Agoda has listed top Asian destinations as per affordability in April and May

To help Indian travellers identify most affordable destinations across Asia, digital travel booking platform Agoda has released a list of destinations, ranging from Thailand to Taiwan.
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With the summer vacations in India round the corner as many Indian families begin finalising their travel plans for the season, Agoda, a leading online travel agency, has unveiled Asia’s cheapest destinations for April and May, in terms of affordable accommodation rates.

In a press statement, Agoda says that among Asian markets, the destinations offering the lowest average accommodation rates include Udon Thani in Thailand, Surabaya in Indonesia, Hue in Vietnam, Kuching in Malaysia, Iloilo in the Philippines, Narita in Japan and Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

“With many across Asia looking forward to upcoming public holidays like Songkran, Hari Raya, and Golden Week, April and May are a great time to plan a holiday. It is Agoda’s ongoing mission to help travellers see the world for less, and what better way to do that than by sharing the latest cheapest destinations ranking just in time for this popular travel time,” says Krishna Rathi, Senior Country Director India Subcontinent and Maldives at Agoda.

Agoda says that despite being the most affordable destinations, locations on its list have much to offer visitors.

Udon Thani, Thailand (Average room rate: INR 2,333)

As one of the ‘big four’ cities in Thailand’s Isaan region, Udon Thani is well worth a visit. There’s always something to do in this lively city, particularly at Nong Prajak Park and the surrounding lake. Stroll down the boulevard to visit highlights like the Chinese Gate and the Udon Thani City Museum. Udon Thani is easily accessible thanks to its airport. International travellers will also appreciate the proximity to Vientiane, the capital of Laos, just on the other side of the Mekong River.

Surabaya, Indonesia (Average room rate: INR 3,250)

Surabaya, the rising Indonesian metropolis in East Java, is a true gem. A thriving port city that has it all: from heritage architecture to futuristic skyscrapers. Surabaya promises a rich cultural experience, thanks to its blend of Javanese, Chinese, and Arab influences. Don’t miss out on the Pasar Atom market, with its wide offering of traditional crafts, and be sure to sample the culinary delights like Lontong Balap and Sate Klopo.

Hue, Vietnam (Average room rate: INR 3,584)

Hue, located in central Vietnam, is a city steeped in history and culture, serving as the former imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. The city is renowned for its historic monuments, including the Imperial City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its majestic palaces and temples. The Perfume River flows through the city, adding to its picturesque charm, and visitors can take a boat cruise to enjoy views of the surrounding architecture. Truly a must-visit destination in Vietnam.

Kuching, Malaysia (Average room rate: INR 4,084)

Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak in Malaysia, combines a unique vibrancy with stunning natural beauty. The city is situated on the island of Borneo, along the Sarawak River. Kuching is a hub for arts and crafts, with the Main Bazaar, Carpenter Street, and the Sunday Market as the top picks to discover local handicrafts and souvenirs. Nature-enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on a visit to the nearby Bako National Park, with its incredible mix of rainforests, wildlife, and beaches.

Iloilo, Philippines (Average room rate: INR 4,167)

Thanks to its central geographical location, Iloilo is often referred to as ‘The heart of the country’. The description is fitting thanks to more than just the central location: The nearby group of islands called ‘Islas de Gigantes’ is sure to steal any visitor’s heart. Stunning beaches, hidden lagoons, and the freshest seafood lie in store. Because of its many historical landmarks, Iloilo is also a popular destination among history buffs. And all this is just a ferry ride away from Bacolod.

Narita, Japan (Average room rate: INR 5,917)

The first thing that comes to mind for international travellers when thinking of Narita is likely the famous Narita International Airport, the gateway to Tokyo. But Narita, a city in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, has a lot more to offer than connectivity. In fact, Narita offers many of the quintessential elements Japan is so famous for, like the Shinshoji Temple, the traditional Naritasan Omotesando Road, and the seasonal beauty of cherry blossoms, making the city worth visiting whether there’s a flight to catch or not.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Average room rate: INR 8,418)

Taiwan’s second biggest city, Kaohsiung, shouldn’t be left out on a Taiwan itinerary. The city is easily accessible thanks to its international airport and high-speed rail connection to Taipei and Taoyuan. Once there, the city’s Yancheng District is the place to go.  It’s a great place to stroll and take in the abundance of street art, and to enjoy some shopping in the warehouses on the pier. Planning a trip to Kaohsiung? Keep an eye out for the line-up in the ‘Big Egg’, the Kaohsiung Arena, which can host nearly 85,000 attendees and recently hosted international superstars like Coldplay and Blackpink.

The statement adds that in addition to picking the most affordable destinations, Agoda helps travellers to get the biggest bang for their buck by offering great value deals on accommodations, flights, and activities, helping people see the world for less.

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