A guide to enjoying Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year Festivities

Flamboyant spring festival embracing fresh beginnings
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A guide to enjoying Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year Festivities

Lunar New Year celebration is cultural highlight of Hong Kong and other Asian nations

Away from the urban pulse, a vibrant rhythm beats through Hong Kong during its annual Lunar New Year. Intertwined with history, legacy culture and nature, these hallmark festivities have been defining Hong Kong since ages.
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Amidst the vibrant rhythm of Hong Kong, a centuries-old melody reverberates as the Lunar New Year draws near. The journey of the festival begins with a communal cleansing known as ‘sweeping away the old’. Families unite in this ancient tradition, symbolically shedding the remnants of the past to create a welcoming canvas for the blessings of the new year. This meticulous preparation, reflects the city’s commitment to embracing renewal and fresh beginnings.

In the lively markets, skilled artisans meticulously craft lanterns and delicate paper-cuttings. These handmade treasures, far more than mere decorations, become living testaments to traditional craftsmanship, gracing homes with a unique charm. The preparation becomes a celebration of Hong Kong’s unwavering connection to its cultural roots, a dance between the past and the present.

Festive Events: A Symphony of Lights and Wishes

As Lunar New Year approaches, Hong Kong transforms into a dazzling spectacle of lights and colours. The Symphony of Lights, a nightly spectacle across 45 key buildings on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, unfolds with laser beams, LED building displays and searchlights, accompanied by the melodic touch of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. This free event creates a mesmerising fusion of visual and auditory delights.

Away from the urban pulse, the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees stand as a unique Lunar New Year experience. The Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees, situated near the Tin Hau Temple in Fong Ma Po Village, Lam Tsuen, Hong Kong, are revered during the Lunar New Year. Traditionally, visitors burnt joss sticks, wrote their wishes on joss paper, tied these papers to an orange and threw them towards the trees. If the paper successfully hung onto a tree branch, it was believed the wish would come true

Notably, on May 1 each year, the Hong Kong Morris dancing team performs at the Wishing Tree to celebrate the arrival of summer, adding a touch of cultural vibrancy to the site. The tradition fosters unity and shared optimism, revealing the cultural depth that underlies Hong Kong’s celebrations.

Unveiling Lesser-Known Rituals: A Spiritual Sojourn

Amidst the grand festivities, Wong Tai Sin Temple becomes a haven of opulence during Lunar New Year.  On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, thousands of worshippers wait outside the temple before midnight and rush into the main altar to offer Wong Tai Sin their glowing incense sticks when the year comes. As the tradition goes, the earlier they offer the incense, the better luck they will have that year.

Additionally, during Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year, a representative from the government participates in the Che Kung Temple’s divination ritual. Held on the second day of the Lunar New Year, the participant draws a fortune stick predicting the city’s luck for the upcoming year. The message, conveyed through classical Chinese poetry, is then interpreted by a Feng shui sifu, offering insights into Hong Kong’s destiny.

Romantic Traditions: Love Illuminated in the City’s Heart

Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year isn’t just a celebration, it is a romantic sojourn. The city awakens with the glow of red lanterns, casting an enchanting spell on lovers. A romantic escape awaits on the Dragon’s Back Trail, this scenic hike, located on Hong Kong Island, provides couples with a serene and intimate environment. The trail’s gentle slopes and breath-taking vistas make it an ideal choice for a romantic day out, away from the bustling city.

For a more challenging yet rewarding romantic hike, consider Lion Rock. The trail leads to the iconic Lion Rock summit, where couples can revel in stunning views of Kowloon and Hong Kong. Lamma Island offers a more leisurely yet picturesque romantic hike. The Family Walk on Lamma takes visitors through traditional fishing villages, scenic landscapes, and pristine beaches. Couples can enjoy a relaxing stroll, soak in the island’s tranquil atmosphere, and conclude the day with a seaside meal at one of the island’s charming seafood restaurants.

These intimate settings provides couples the opportunity to wander hand in hand and experience the magic of Lunar new year. This lesser-known romantic charm is a testament to Hong Kong’s dedication to love and togetherness during the festive season.

The Lunar New Year’s Eve Extravaganza, marked by a thrilling display of fireworks, unveils a lesser known yet opulent backdrop for romantic moments. Secluded spots with panoramic views allow couples to create intimate memories against the dazzling night sky. This romantic allure, tucked away from the bustling crowds, emphasises the city’s dedication to providing exclusive experiences for lovers during this special time.

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Hong Kong is a nuanced journey through the city’s rich cultural tapestry. From the meticulous preparations to the grand festivities and lesser-known rituals, we discover the historical significance, cultural depth, and the intertwining threads of romance that make Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year a captivating spectacle. As the city welcomes the Year of the Dragon may every visitor be immersed in the magic of renewal, cultural richness, and the warm embrace of authentic Hong Kong celebrations.

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