Taiwan targets 100,000 Indian visitors annually

Interview with Baushuan Ger, Taiwan Representative to India
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Taiwan targets 100,000 Indian visitors annually

The number of international visitors to Taiwan has rebounded post-Covid-19, with over 2 million entering the country by May this year

In order to boost tourism, including from India, Taiwan has taken several steps and launched incentives to attract travellers, Baushuan Ger, Taiwan Representative to India tells India Outbound.
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Baushuan Ger

How is the recovery of Indian tourism to Taiwan so far? Did it reach 2019 levels?

We received 38,000 Indian visitors in 2019 and would like to see over 100,000 Indian tourists visiting Taiwan annually in the post pandemic period. India is the world’s most populous country with the fastest growing economy in the world and its middle-to-high income class has well quickly. Taiwan government has aimed to attract 6 million international tourists in 2023. With my government’s resolute efforts to enhance the overall relationship with India, we anticipate Indian visitors to Taiwan will soon break the 2019 level.

What activities have you planned for the Indian market in 2023?

Taiwan offers excellent infrastructure, modern transportation systems, and world-class hotels along with a wide range of services for business travellers making it one of the most sought-after business-travel destinations. Based on the New Southbound Policy initiated by President Tsai Ing-wen in 2016, Taiwan has been working relentlessly to strengthen its relations with many Southeast Asian and South Asian countries, especially with India in various areas including culture, education, technology, trade and people-to people exchange.

Taiwan has eased its visa regulations to India and other five ASEAN countries by allowing their citizens to apply online Travel Authorisation Certificates (TAC) free of charge. My office, Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in India and Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau (TTB) will continue working with India tourism industry and related agencies to attract tour packages and business travellers to visit Taiwan.

Which are the key market segments you are targetting and which source cities in India are important to you?

Taiwan hosts myriads of mega international trade shows in the world, such as Computex Taipei, the largest computer and technology trade show in Asia, SEMICON Taiwan for exhibiting the latest semiconductor products and technologies, and Taipei International Food Show, one of the largest food shows in Asia. Signature trade exhibitions provide vast opportunities for businesses by bringing together all the stake holders under one roof. Taiwan has become an attractive destination for business travellers looking to expand their operations in Asia.

Major cities in India, such as New Delhi and Chennai, where we have Taiwan’s representative offices, and Mumbai, the largest city in West India, will be our targetted traveller origins.

What’s new in Taiwan travel?

Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau launched the ‘Travel Taiwan Golden Fortune – Taiwan the Lucky Land’ campaign in May 2023. International tourists who come to Taiwan will have the opportunity to draw a lottery to win TWD 5,000, about (INR 12,500) in pocket money. This has set off an upsurge of tourists from all over the world planning to go to Taiwan.

With convenient visas, beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, and the above-mentioned incentives, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage Indian tourists to choose Taiwan as their preferred tourist destination and travel to various parts of Taiwan, experience the diversity of Taiwan culture and experience the local lifestyle.

What is the situation of global tourism to Taiwan? Which markets are recovering the fastest? What are your predictions for the tourism industry in 2023?

The number of international visitors to Taiwan has rebounded post-Covid-19, with over 2 million entering the country by May this year, especially those from North East Asia and South East Asia. The number of international tourists will reach 6 million this year, and possibly return to the pre-pandemic level of 12 million in 2024. It is believed that the number of tourists visiting Taiwan can return to 2019 level in the shortest possible time.

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