Miami tops list for most expensive cities for New Year accommodation

Seven US cities in top 10 expensive destinations for celebrating New Year
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Miami tops list for most expensive cities for New Year accommodation

Miami offers a range of hotels for the tourists to enjoy (Photo: Ryan Parker/ Unsplash)

South Florida island home of Miami beach one of the most popular beaches of the world has become the most expensive destination in the world for a one-night stay for the upcoming New Year’s Eve. It has a nightly rate of USD 365 for the least expensive room and is filled with visitors, says a survey.
Rate this post an online hotel booking kiosk, conducted a survey looking into the rates for hotels of major cities globally. The survey tracked data from 50 major cities across the world, in each destination searching for the cheapest available double room for a 3-night stay from December 30, 2021 to January 2, 2022. Only centrally-located hotels rated at least three stars and with general positive guest reviews were taken into account.

Two other US cities, New Orleans and Nashville come behind Miami with respective rates for USD 304 and USD 284, for the most affordable room. Cancun is the most expensive non-US city with a rate of USD 228 per night and ranking fifth overall. The Scottish capital of Edinburgh, at USD 221, is the most expensive European destination, while Rio de Janeiro (USD 206) in Brazil emerged as the most expensive destination in Latin America.

The most expensive cities for accommodation for travellers are as follows:

Miami (USD 365)

Starting with the first on the list, Miami. The city is known for its enchanting soft-sand beaches, Art Deco buildings, and spirited atmosphere. The city offers all kinds of hotels to travellers from small, quaint boutique hotels to large chain hotels. Most of these hotels are within easy reach of various restaurants offering exquisite cuisine.

New Orleans (USD 304)

New Orleans is USA’s one of the most unique cities. The city is known for jazz music all over the world. The city also offers Cajun cuisine and outrageous Mardi Gras celebrations. The city is filled with vibrant music to different cultures which are reflected in the food, language and architecture.

Nashville (USD 284)

It is the capital of Tennessee and lies almost in the centre of the state on Cumberland River. The city is best known as the capital of country music as musical attractions such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the city’s famous Music Row district are present here. The city also serves as a great starting point to explore the rest of Tennessee and Nashville’s surroundings as it offers different historical and recreational tourist attractions, including old plantations and Civil War sites.

New York City (USD 275)

New York City is the best cityscape for tourists looking for family fun. The city offers loads of shopping experiences, restaurants, bars, theatres, museums, and various landmarks. The city offers different activities suited to different seasons. In summer the travellers can enjoy the central park and in summer they can hire a boat and go rowing on the lake. The city zoo one of the prominent tourist attractions is open year-round.

Honolulu (USD 264)

Hawaii is one of the most famous tourist attractions. Honolulu, the capital and the biggest city of Hawaii is the best place for tourists to enjoy what the state has to offer. The city serves the best surf spots and tropical drinks. The city also hosts art museums, bike trails, and enchanting sceneries. The famous Waikiki Beach entices travellers with soft sand and great turf.

Cancun (USD 228)

Cancun is known around the world for its spectacular white sand beaches and the turquoise blue tones of the sea. The city is filled with unique natural attractions, Mayan culture, water activities and adventure.

Las Vegas (USD 225)

The city situated in the state of Nevada is famous for its casinos, the nightlife and fun it has to offer. The city is lined with different resorts, sparkling lights and littered glamorous sites. It is also home to the world-famous Caesar Palace. The city offers a free street-side view from dancing fountains to erupting volcanoes. Tourists can find various museums and an impressive list of shows.

Edinburgh (USD 221)

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. The city has rare charm with narrow cobbled passageways. The town is also known for its majestic buildings, gardens and countless museums which are free to visit.

Rio de Janeiro (USD 206)

Rio de Janeiro is home to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue of Jesus. The city has been deemed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The city has a beautiful natural setting with scenic urban landscapes along with a mix of architecture. Attracting admirers of art and beauty from around the world.

Los Angeles (USD 205)

The city of Los Angeles in Southern California is the home to the film and entertainment industry, especially Hollywood. The place has drawn various aspiring actors and actresses. The city is culturally very diverse and has a reputation for being the creative centre of America. Visitors can find thriving culinary choices, vibrant shopping experiences and different family attractions.

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