South Korea promotes diverse cultural experiences in autumn

From biennales & music festivals to dance carnivals
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South Korea promotes diverse cultural experiences in autumn

The globally influential pop culture, particularly in music, TV dramas and cinema, have also been a tourist magnet to this tiny yet diverse East Asian nation

South Korea's eclectic, dramatically diverse experiences, with the emerging Korean Pop culture, have enthralled global visitors with the 'Korean wave'. With the upcoming autumn season in mind, Korea Tourism Organisation has listed some unmissable upcoming festivals for the Korean cult.
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In what is a fusion of art, history, food, tradition, futurism, entertainment, coast, mountains and fun, South Korea has is no wonder a treasure trove of experiences for discerning travellers. According to Korea Tourism Organisation, the tourism promotion body of South Korea, globally influential pop culture, particularly in music, TV dramas and cinema, have also been a tourist magnet to this tiny yet diverse East Asian nation. It has also listed some of the upcoming events to attend for a fun fall fiesta with the Korean magical ingredients.

Templesta, September 1-30

Korean temples still maintain their 1,700-year-old Buddhist cultural heritage, natural environment and ascetic lives. Templestay means staying at a Korean temple to experience the life of an ascetic. Since its beginning in 2002, more than six million people of various nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds have participated in the program. The main programs are temple tours, teatime with Buddhist monks, meditation, temple food tasting, etc. Visitors can experience these traditional cultures that represent Korea.

Seoul Mediacity Biennale, September 21- November 19

South Korea

The Seoul Mediacity Biennale first opened in 2000

This biennial modern art exhibition features the “Seoul in Media” exhibition, which has opened three times since 1996. The exhibition shares the changing times, a resonating Seoul, plus the experiences and reasoning of the media. The Seoul Mediacity Biennale first opened in 2000 with the title “Media_City Seoul”, noting contemporary aspects and experimental nature in artworks.

Seoul Music Festival, September 22-24

This three-day autumn music festival will be held on Nodeulseom Island, a well-known sunset spot. The dreamy music concert set against the beautiful scenery of Nodeulseom Island is sure to appeal to visitors with the festival presenting various genres of popular music including K-pop. Street performances (busking), various experiential programs such as K-pop dance and Hallyu experiences are on offer.

Suseong Lake Festival, September 22-24

Suseong Lake Festival

Suseongmot Lake Daily Fireworks Show lights up the beautiful autumn night

This culture and art festival is held around Suseongmot Lake in Daegu every autumn. During the day, various street art performances and other high-quality street performances take place. Plus, artists will assist in making a children’s creative art playground. At night, citizens are invited to participate in themed performances and the Suseongmot Lake Daily Fireworks Show will light up the autumn night. Various programs are available around the entire Suseongmot Lake area, including at the floating stage, 3 waterside stages, Sanghwa Park and Suseong Land. The festival is unique in that it incorporates the collective energy of every audience member.

Wonju Dancing Carnival, September 22-24

This festival is filled with splendid dancing, performances and a grand parade. It is a festival operated voluntarily by citizens. The main programme, Dancing Carnival, is the largest and longest parade and competition performance. It presents fantastic performances of dancing, original choreography, K-pop dance, hip hop, martial arts, marching band, etc. The Fringe Festival will also be held during the carnival. Visitors can enjoy diverse genres of performances, such as mimes, stage plays, musicals, magic shows, bubble shows, busking, traditional dance and others.

Jinan Red Ginseng Festival, September 22-24

Every October, the Red Ginseng Festival is held north of Maisan Mountain, Jinan, the only special zone for red ginseng in Korea. The festival is popular because visitors can taste reliable, high-quality red ginseng products and various foods made with red ginseng, along with fun experience programs, such as making red ginseng products for children unfamiliar with red ginseng or go on a stamp tour around Red Ginseng Land. The festival also features royal martial arts, traditional performances, trot festivals and others. High-quality red ginseng products with a quality guarantee by the Governor of Jinan-gun are available at a discount during the festival.

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