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Rarely would you find destinations so fresh and undisturbed as the Masirah Island in Oman which is a wind-friendly destination for kite surfers, and home to tiny turtles who might as well become your sea-buddies.

Beyond its capital Muscat, there is much more to explore in Oman. The Musandum fjords in the north, for example, or the desert landscapes of the Empty Quarter; curious tourists flock to some less travelled spaces when in this Arabian nation. In Oman, there are offbeat and less-heard-of destinations that explorers and adventurous can now explore for some indulging activities. For those who are keen to see the other side of the country, head to Masirah.

Located in the south-east region of Oman, Masirah is Oman’s largest island. A destination protected from mass tourism, Masirah is visibly fresh and exciting with its clean beaches and activities like wind surfing and kite surfing that lure some population on them. Home to mere 12,000 inhabitants, Masirah and its beaches are usually undisturbed by too much crowd or noise.

The place is blessed with winds blowing from the Indian Ocean, making Masirah an ideal destination for surfers. When heading here for surfing, contact Kiteboarding Oman, a registered kiteboarding facility at Masirah that operates a Bedouin camp and a kite station directly on the beach.

Time between May and September is the preferred period for kite surfing, with good winds and pleasant temperature ranging from 24 to 38 degrees unlike mainland Oman which is 55 degrees.

Masirah is 500 kms from Muscat and a five hour drive away, followed by a little more than an hour’s ferry ride from Shannahto the island. On the way up, you may also choose to stop at one of the villages or desert islands. The famous Wahiba sands are on the way too, if you fancy witnessing a windy and dust swirling evening.

The journey may seem a tad too long and dry but is definitely worth, as the ones who have already been there tell about their experience of waving to flamingos and playing with loggerhead sea turtles and staying close to the waves and soft hitting winds in the guesthouses by the bay. Accommodation near the island is available to suit almost every budget.

If you do decide to stay at the island, also visit Hilf, a tiny town with a handful of shops, restaurants and cafes that fill some corners of this sparsely populated town and also the free time on the hand of tourists.

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