Ticketing policy for Paris 2024 Olympic Games unveiled

50 pc Olympic tickets below EUR 50
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Ticketing policy for Paris 2024 Olympic Games unveiled

For the first time in the Games’ history, all tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 will be sold through a single, dedicated online platform, both in France and abroad

Organising committee of Paris 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games finalises pricing policy for tickets to the Games, keeping affordability at the centre.
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The Board of Directors of Paris 2024 have approved the general framework for the Paris 2024 Ticketing Programme, which will now be submitted for validation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), by summer 2022. The board has kept affordability of tickets for the general population as its focus. The committee says that of the 13.4 million tickets on sale for both the events, Paris 2024 will offer a large number of tickets at affordable prices, to make these Games open to all and ‘to bring people together in a spirit of unity’.

In a press statement, Paris 2024 says that for the Olympic Games, people can access all sports from as low as EUR 24, while almost half the tickets on sale to the general public will cost EUR 50 or less. For the Paralympic Games, the prices start from EUR 15 for all sports, nearly half the tickets on sale to the general public will cost EUR 25 or less.

For the first time in the Games’ history, all tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 will be sold through a single, dedicated online platform, both in France and abroad.

Sustainable, French catering

At the meeting, the board also discussed catering at the venues of Paris 2024 Games and it approved the general plan for the same, says the press release. This roadmap sets out the operational framework and the commitments that must be made in order to rise to the challenge of providing over 13 million meals and snacks throughout the Games, both at the competition venues and at the Olympic Village.

The board says that the idea was to allow French cuisine to shine through, whilst providing catering services that are environmentally and socially responsible. Paris 2024 wants to promote to the whole world French cookery, creativity and savoir-faire of all food industry and regions, says the press statement. The Organising Committee also wants to offer more sustainable catering, in particular by reducing single-use plastic and by offering certified French and/or sustainable food, through the collective efforts of the stakeholders, partners and suppliers.

This vision has taken shape as the result of close collaboration: with its stakeholders, Paris 2024 has called upon nearly 120 organisations representing the whole of the supply chain,  from production to waste management, alongside experts, NGOs and nutritionists from the main sectors of the food industry, and surveyed 200 French and international athletes to discover their priorities and needs.

Improved access to Games for disabled

One of the biggest challenges remains inclusivity, especially providing easy access to the games for not just the economically disadvantaged, but also the disabled. The press release says that in organising the summer Paralympic Games, for the first time in France, Paris 2024, alongside with its stakeholders, has undertaken a series of initiatives to promote para sports and improve access to sports for the people with disabilities: financing dedicated projects through its endowment fund, running introductory drives during the Olympic and Paralympic Week, opening the Generation 2024 label to clinics for children with special needs (Medico-social Establishments), etc.

Paris 2024 is also pleased with the government’s decision to make para sports equipments eligible for the reduced VAT rate of 5.5 pc in order to facilitate the access to an adapted physical activity for leisure or competition.

The Paris 2024 Board of Directors has suggested to the CESE (Social and Environmental Economic Council), as a representative of participative actors in civil society, that it take this opportunity to help bring the issues facing people with disabilities to the fore in public policy, presenting a situation report and recommendations to the public authorities and private actors.

At the meeting of the Board of Directors, Thierry Beaudet, Chairman of the CESE, reiterated the Council’s determination to promote the role of sport in our society, and confirmed that he would suggest the Council to consider this subject, says the press release.

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