Abu Dhabi to host Al Hosn Festival from January 13-22

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Abu Dhabi to host Al Hosn Festival from January 13-22

Al Hosn Festival showcases the best of Abu Dhabi’s heritage as well as breadth of its creativity (Photo: bdp)

Abu Dhabi’s flagship cultural event, Al Hosn, that celebrates the emirate’s cultural heritage and its creativity will be held from January 13-22.
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Al Hosn Festival, that marks the annual celebration of cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is set to stage an action-packed return over the stretch of 10 days from January 13 to 22.

The festival is held at the iconic Al Hosn, a quarter in Abu Dhabi which is a treasurehouse of the Emirate’s historic buildings and outdoor areas. Al Hosn Festival will showcase the best of Abu Dhabi’s heritage as well as the breadth of its creativity.

Al Hosn is the original urban block of the city and comprises the historic Qasr Al Hosn Fort, the Cultural Foundation, the National Consultative Council building and the House of Artisans. Al Hosn is emblematic of the proud cultural heritage of the UAE, bringing to life the rich fabric of its history, people and traditions and highlighting the city’s future ambition.

The festival, organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), promises an exciting array of activities for visitors of all ages, with cultural performances, film screenings, art installations, craft and design demonstrations, creative workshops, retail pop-ups, and a variety of culinary experiences, says a press statement.

“Each year, Al Hosn Festival tells the story of Abu Dhabi at its place of origin. A key component of our cultural calendar, the festival celebrates Abu Dhabi’s heritage and craftsmanship and connects them with the contemporary art practices of the emirate. The festival has quickly become a focus of inspiration and exchange for the emirate’s cultural ecosystem, and a key element of DCT Abu Dhabi’s drive to both preserve the emirate’s treasured heritage and support and grow its new generation of artists and creative practitioners,” says Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi.

Activations will span the vast Al Hosn site, with Qasr Al Hosn transporting visitors back in time to offer a glimpse of life in Abu Dhabi in decades past, says the statement, adding that the guests will enjoy live demonstrations of Emirati craftsmanship and artisanal techniques at House of Artisans, where they can also participate in creative workshops and witness competitions highlighting Emirati cultural excellence.

Similarly, Cultural Foundation is once again set to offer an engaging and thought-provoking programme of art exhibitions, performances, film screenings, interactive installations and workshops. The Makers Village at the festival is also set to return, offering unique items created by artists and designers from local and regional concept stores. There will also be a creative culinary experience.

The statement adds that the Al Hosn Festival provides a platform for cultural experimentation and exchange in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s ever-evolving urban landscape, while remaining rooted in the emirate’s authentic traditions. The event aligns with the vision and mandate of DCT Abu Dhabi to protect, preserve and promote the emirate’s heritage, showcase Abu Dhabi as a cultural destination and provide a platform for artistic experimentation and public engagement.

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