Dubai remains world’s busiest international airport in March: OAG

London Heathrow busiest European Airport in March
/ New Delhi
DXB Airport
Dubai remains world’s busiest international airport in March: OAG

Dubai Airport has seen steady growth in its passenger numbers

Measured by seats on international flights, Dubai remains world’s busiest airport in March 2024, while London Heathrow is busiest European airports, combining domestic and international. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport is world’s busiest for the month, says OAG.
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With just about 5 million seats, Dubai remains the world’s busiest international airport in March 2024, holding on its position ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

According to a monthly update by aviation data analysis firm OAG, the second-busiest international airport in the world is London Heathrow with a shade over 4 million seats, almost 20 pc behind Dubai in seat capacity.

With 3.43 million seats, Singapore’s Changi Airport is in the third spot, having gained a spot compared to 2023. Seoul Incheon Airport in South Korea has gained four spots to be the fourth largest, while Hong Kong, too, has gained four spots to emerge 9th in the list.

But the world’s busiest airport, combining domestic and international seats, in March 2024 is Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport with 5.2 million seats, followed by Dubai, Tokyo, London Heathrow and Dallas Fortworth to make the top 5 airports this month, according to OAG.

There are three airports in China that are now back in the top 10, with Guangzhou (CAN) at 6th spot with 4.2 million seats, while Shanghai Pudong (PVG) is in the 8th place with 4 million seats and Beijing Capital International (PEK) in the 9th slot with 3.9 million seats for March. Indian capital Delhi figures on the 10th spot with 3.76 million seats this month, says OAG.

Within Europe, London Heathrow rules the roost with its 4.3 million seats, domestic and international, followed by Istanbul with 3.76 million seats. Paris Charles de Gaulle is third in the list with 3.29 million seats and Amsterdam Schiphol is fourth with 3.2 million and Frankfurt in Germany makes it to top 5 with 3.19 million seats.

Two leading Spanish airports, Madrid Barajas with 3.08 million seats and Barcelona with 2.46 million seats are next in the list, followed by Rome Fiumicino with 2.2 million, Munich with 2.07 million seats and London Gatwick rounding up the top 10 with 1.9 million seats.

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