Air India launches revamped Flying Returns loyalty programme

Important step forward in the way for ‘new’ Air India, says
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Air India launches revamped Flying Returns loyalty programme
Air India launches revamped Flying Returns loyalty programme

Air India says that the new version contains a simplified new structure and more customer-friendly features

Air India’s new updated Flying Returns loyalty programme is set to include more equitable spend-based approach and brand identity.
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Air India has launched its revamped Flying Returns loyalty programme with new updated features.

In a press statement, Air India says that the new version contains a simplified new structure, more customer-friendly features, renamed tiers and an updated identity. 

It says that the revamped Flying Returns prioritises greater ease, more rewards and recognition for members while offering them instant global status and privileges around the world.  

The airline adds that in its first overhaul in more than a decade, Flying Returns moves away from the legacy model of miles based collection of points to a fairer, more equitable spend-based approach. Flying Returns Members will be able enjoy the benefits of the new programme and collect points based  on the new structure, starting today.  

Nipun Aggarwal

Nipun Aggarwal

“The revamp of Flying Returns is an important step forward in the way the ‘new’ Air India intends to serve  and delight customers. We spent the past year listening, gathering insights from over 50,000 customers  and benchmarking our programme against the best loyalty offerings out there,” says Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Air India.

“This deep dive, coupled with  a complete digital overhaul, has resulted in a much stronger and value-delivering programme that we are  proud to present today. We are confident that this evolution of Flying Returns, along with more strengths we will add to the  programme in due course, will elevate it to the forefront of global loyalty programmes,” says Aggarwal.

The airline says it will also,  in due course, introduce new co-branded credit cards as well as partnerships with other  popular brands to offer extensive travel benefits and privileges to Flying Returns Members. 

Air India adds some highlights of the revamped Flying Returns programme as follows: 

  • Spend more, earn more: With Flying Returns now becoming a spend-based programme, the  amount of Flying Returns Points that members will be able to collect per flight will now be based  on the amount they spend on a ticket rather than the distance they fly, thus delivering greater  value for money spent over miles flown. 
  • Evergreen Points: Flying Returns Points will now never expire, as long as a member takes at least one flight on Air India every 24 months, regardless of their membership tier level. 
  • No blackout dates and no restrictions: Members can redeem Flying Returns Points to purchase any Air India seat that is available for sale as there are no restrictions. 
  • Cash+Points: Members will now be able to pay for their Award flight using a combination of  Flying Returns Points and cash, thus providing greater flexibility. 
  • Global reach and value: As India’s most globally connected loyalty program, Flying Returns offers its Members the ability to earn or redeem points on 25 other Star Alliance partner airlines  across the world. This global network comprises among the very best airlines for quality and  service in their respective regions and enables members to redeem for flights to over 700 destinations worldwide. 
  • Global status: Members will also enjoy their Flying Returns Tier privileges across all Star  Alliance member airlines worldwide, as well as access to 1000+ lounges across the world for  those with applicable Membership Tier levels. 
  • Renamed Membership Tiers: Flying Returns will continue to offer four Membership Tier levels  that have been renamed: Red (from ‘Base’), Silver (from ‘Silver Edge’), Gold (from ‘Golden  Edge’), and Platinum (from The Maharaja Club). 
  • Priority and premium one-stop member service: Silver, Gold, and Platinum members will have  access to a one-stop member service contact centre that will provide a seamless experience in  immediately addressing any member inquiries and requests.  

More Options for More Members – Flying Returns, in its new avatar, has more to offer to everyone with  new features such as: 

  • Family Pool: Members will be able to combine their Flying Returns Points with others in their  family, for free, enabling them to redeem for travel sooner.  
  • The benefit of booking direct: Members will earn 2 additional bonus Flying Returns Points for  every INR 100 spent in booking flights directly on Air India’s website or mobile  app. 
  • More options to collect Flying Returns Points: Members can now also collect Flying Returns  Points across a wide range of Air India’s non-airline partners, including car rentals, hotel stays,  shopping, lifestyle experiences, and more.
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