March – May 2021


The March-May 2021 edition of India Outbound is out now!

In this issue of India Outbound we focus on one of the fastest growing niches of Indian tourism industry. As students get more exposure with such foreign tours, little wonder then that educational tours as a segment of India outbound market have been growing at a rapid clip, year on year, for over a decade, ever since the Indian economy began booming in mid-2000s. Once borders open up for travellers from India, this niche segment is bound to bounce back.

Another segment that has already started to sail is the cruise tourism industry. After being grounded for over a year, as the cruise tourism industry prepares to begin sailing again, its eyes remain focused on key Indian market.

We also bring destinations that are preparing itself to welcome tourists when everything is honky-dory.

The highlights of this month are:

Thailand Reopens for Foreign Tourists with Phuket

Jurassic Coast: Exploring England’s Exotic Exteriors

Entertainment: A roller-coaster of fun at Super Nintendo World in Osaka

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