July-August 2018


To an average Indian, China represents a mystic northern neighbour that is best known by all sorts of products that one can find in the Indian markets today and whose relations with India seem troubled from time to time. Yet few Indians realise exactly how many of their compatriots are headed to the discovery of this mystic land and they would be even more surprised by the rapid growth in the Indian tourists’ traffic that China has been experiencing.

Earlier we had brought you stories from Xi’an in the Shaanxi Province of central China and this time we traverse the mountains to bring you ancient stories from the Henan province, believed to be the place where the great civilisation of China originated from thousands of years ago – this province in China is a hidden gem that we explore for you.

Traversing the old and new paths to bring you the most unique experiences is the aim of this issue of India Outbound. So take a seat, relax and read on to plan your next off the beaten track journey.

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