Exploring Phu Quoc by night

The laid back island of Vietnam
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Phu Quoc
Exploring Phu Quoc by night

When the sun sets and the island starts to cool, there is a range of activities and sights for visitors in Phu Quoc (Photo: Chris Slupski/Unsplash)

Though not bustling and buzzing like the nation’s main cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc is a laid back island that offers visitors enough to be lured even after the sun sets.
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Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, 45 km west of Ha Tien on the Vietnamese mainland and 15 km south of the coast of Cambodia, Phú Quốc is a laid-back and relaxing, but no less interesting than any other destination in the country.

When the sun sets and the island start to cool, there is a range of activities and sights for visitors. If you are wondering what to do in Phu Quoc at night, here below are some activities that will help to make your night out trip more fun.

Beach sunsets

fire shows

Some of the beach bars on the island put on impressive fire shows in the evenings (Photo: Darren Nunis/Unsplash)

When the last rays of the sun gradually disappear into the sea, and its reflection shrinks along with it, one can’t help but agree to the fact that the praises people sing of the sunsets of Phu Quoc are not enough.

As darkness begins to descend, and the lights on the squid boats that are near or far out on the sea start to sparkle, it only adds more authenticity to the unique Vietnamese beauty of the sunset scene that is perhaps distinctive to the nation.

Stroll along the pier and see local families enjoying the cool of the evening with friendly teens playing Vietnam Hacky Sack, and tour-boat skippers stretching their legs after a day at sea.

Enjoy sundowners in comfort or relax on a beanbag laid out on one of the relaxed beachside establishments of the island. Some beaches even have outdoor sculptures that will help you get Instagram-worthy pictures and help to flaunt in social media. Also some of the beach bars on the island put on impressive fire shows, that will keep you entertained as you sit back on your beanbag and watch these amazing performers perform.

Sample food

Head to the Dinh Cau Night Market at 5 pm to experience the ultimate gastronomy experience (Photo: Vietnam Tourism)

The excitement to add something new to one’s palate when in a new place is always a highlight. With its variety of options including cuisines, dining, budgets and preferences, Phu Quoc is perfect for all kind of diners.

Many hotels in the island serve gourmet meals right next to the sea. One can simply savour a beach BBQ at elegant tables set on the sand, or if are seeking to have a more budget friendly culinary experience can take their pick from cafes and street food stalls around the main town.

Head to the Dinh Cau Night Market at 5 pm to experience the ultimate gastronomy experience of the island. At that time, the streets near the Dinh Cau rock temple are blocked off and is transformed into a pedestrian-friendly food-lover’s paradise until midnight. More than half of the 100 stalls sell food and drinks, authentic local dishes at reasonable prices. Pull up a stool, select a dish and watch the market bustling with people as you sip on a local beer. Before taking your leave do purchase one of the food-and-drink items the island’s famous for such as the fermented fish sauce, black pepper, myrtle wine, cashew nuts, dried seaweed, or squid.

Experience fishing

Lights of squid boats sparkling at night (Photo: Vietnam Tourism)

To get an insight on the squid boats of the island, book a night squid fishing tour. Here, experts will show you first hand on the ways and tricks to fish squids. And instead of just demonstrating, these fishermen will also encourage you to try your hand in it. After a tiring but fruitful conquest, you can have a hearty meal as your catch is cooked deliciously and served to you.

Phu Quoc Water Puppet Show

Vietnam puppet show

Enjoy small wooden puppets controlled by artists (Photo: Phu Quoc theatre Facebook)

The Phu Quoc water show is a must for culture enthusiasts. These unique traditional folk art dates back to the wet rice civilisation from the North, where after the harvest, rice paddies were used for puppet shows to depict ancient tales.

Watch as small wooden puppets are controlled by artists standing waist-deep in water and hidden from view. Enjoy and be entertained as these puppets on a stage of water, dances, sings or showcases stories or humour passed down for generations. The Phu Quoc Theatre is the only space showcasing this ethnic art form on the island.

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