International travel business festival Bestival returns on July 6-7

Over 800 participants from across Europe to gather in Berlin
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International travel business festival Bestival returns on July 6-7

Bestival aims to stage the diverse faces of Berlin in five worlds of experiences, filled with live seminars and different programmes

Bestival Berlin, a unique MICE and travel business festival, will be hosted from July 6-7 in Heeresbäckerei and Sage for its third edition.
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The key business event Bestival Berlin is back and Sage is set to be the second venue for the event being hosted from July 6-7. According to a press statement by the Convention Office of Visit Berlin, the one-of-a-kind MICE and travel business festival goes into its third round, where ITB Berlin will be assuming its role of bringing industries closer together. With more than 50 speakers and acts, more than 100 Berlin suppliers and over 800 participants from all over Europe, over two days, the event is expected to be a convening ground of inspiring keynotes and workshops, unique experiences and personal encounters resulting in key networking opportunities.

The statement by Visit Berlin says that Sage is located directly on the banks of the river Spree in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where it is in a state of permanent change, expansion and redesign. Sage will host Bestival with a weatherproof beach, including bars and kitchen, a restaurant with fireplace room and several attractions from art installations to a 100-year old subway car, with 3,000 sqm there is definitely enough space for the five worlds of experience.

The first venue of Bestival, says Visit Berlin, is Heeresbäckerei, an impressive industrial heritage located directly next to the river Spree. Located on Köpenicker Straße, it holds a lot of history. From 1805, ‘Heeresbäckerei’ was part of the grounds of the Prussian Provisions Office. The street gained importance with the construction of the Brommy and Oberbaum bridges as well as the emerging shipping traffic. Numerous factories, warehouses and storage facilities were built along the Spree. Today’s ‘Heeresbäckerei’, made of yellow clinker, was built around 1890 as an ensemble of granary, bakery and mill.

According to the statement, Bestival aims to stage the diverse faces of Berlin in five worlds of experience, Berlin sustainable, Berlin lifestyle, Berlin culture, Berlin community, as well as Berlin innovations. Each world of experience is filled with different programme items such as lectures, live acts or panel talks.

The statement adds that the second day of the event enables each participant the chance to explore Berlin’s multiplicity in their own way and create their own Bestival experience. Whether in a guided site inspection tour, an adventure tour to the five worlds of experience or individually to a partner event. The Bestival offers an individual programme design according to the specific needs of the MICE and tourism industry.

Visit Berlin says that more than 800 people attended Bestival in the previous year, with over 190 vendors. The participants had access to the websites and services of more than 40 partners. City was the stage on the second day while the open door night at the hotels was indeed a closeup highlight.

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