China bans entry from India & five other countries amidst rising Covid-19 cases

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China bans entry from India & five other countries amidst rising Covid-19 cases

China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry of foreign nationals from India even with valid visas or residence permits because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi said in a statement.
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Those with visas issued after November 3 won’t be affected. Visitors from Britain, France, Belgium, Bangladesh and the Philippines will face similar restrictions as well.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is hereby announced that China has decided to temporarily suspend the entry into China by foreign nationals in India holding valid Chinese visas or residence permits,” the embassy said in a note.

“The Chinese embassy/consulates in India will not stamp the health declaration forms for the holders of the above-mentioned categories of visa or residence permits,” it said. The note, posted on the website of the embassy, clarified that foreigners holding Chinese “diplomatic, service, courtesy and C visas are not affected.”

“Foreigners with emergency or humanitarian needs to visit China can submit the visa application to the Chinese embassy/consulates in India,” it said.

India is the world’s second most-infected nation after the United States with more than 8.3 million Covid-19 cases. China where the virus originated late last year has largely brought its outbreak under control through tight travel restrictions and stringent health measures for anyone entering the country. In March, as the virus ripped across the world, China shut its borders to all foreign nationals. It gradually eased restrictions to allow those stranded overseas to return with special permission from its embassies, negative Covid-19 tests and two-week quarantine on arrival.

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